* Disclaimer: icon obviously not official
‘Tis the season for minuman telur kopyok, eggnog hangovers, twinkly lights, bolded text, and … Angry Birds! We are here to bring anda another worldwide exclusive! No reason to ask Santa for an update when Rovio is feeling as generous as Ebenezer Scrooge after being visited oleh the Ghost of natal Yet to Come. Angry Birds Seasons “Winter Wonderham” will be the third annual winter update to this epic franchise. Like Halloween, it’s a true tradition.

Now, details are very very sparse at the moment, but we are willing to speculate about a few things. Our disclaimer here is that absolutely nothing is confirmed atau official, but since these pertanyaan will likely be asked oleh fan we will express our opinions below.

** Important **

Each bullet below is purely speculation. I am stating it here so that I don’t have to rewrite, “We think” every time. Okay, with that said, here’s what we think (zing!):

Mark your calendars as Saturday, December 1st, 2012 is the likely release tanggal for Winter Wonderham. The specific time is certainly up for debate, but 8AM UTC is a best-guess diberikan the selanjutnya item. oleh the way, 8 AM UTC is: 3 AM EST, 12 midnignt PST, and 10 PM Hawaiian (where it probably won’t be so wintery). Go here if anda need lebih times?
“Advent Calendar”, one level per day, style episode (such as Wreck the Halls, Summer Pignic, and Season’s Greedings) is highly probable. While some people will disagree, I very much enjoy these types of releases, as it gives me an opportunity to focus and perfect strategies on each level each day. As such…
25 snow-covered levels in total, with one level per hari from December 1st until Christmas. anda will likely have to connect to the Internet the first time anda play a level (only the first time for each level) so that it can download the level file and check the tanggal (this prevents early access). New levels will likely unlock at 8AM UTC, as this has been the baru saja theme.
Two freshly laid Golden Eggs should be up for grabs: one hidden in-game and one for 3-starring all levels. We’ve had a present and a cookie thus far. I wonder what will be next! A big ornament? A giant Ham?
A big thanks to @Nobelak555 for tipping us off about this! We will keep anda abreast of any new info as it becomes available.