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Zojja posted on Jun 19, 2012 at 12:55PM
I have got art with Amy. The works come from an exhibition of sculpture by Amy.Made in mix media.
"It`s not the first time when this married couple of artists, Zofia and Jan Kubiccy, open their atelier in the eastern district of Warsaw, Praga. This time, the main subject of their artistic quest is the figure of Amy Winehouse, the British singer who died a few years ago.

`Amy`s music and her voice had such an impact on crowds. With her voice, she controlled them. We can feel the same kind of artistic “giving”. The way she could express her emotions and inner worries arouse our admiration. With the use of sculptures we want to refer to everlasting message of art, i.e. an artist serves as the conscience of the surrounding world. The same was with Amy. She sang about everything that upset her, what made her weak or sometimes happy.`, Jan says.

The exhibition `Breakfast with Amy` it`s another symbolic meal to which those artist invite their guests. Breakfast should be the initiation of another good day, of something new, of new hopes and dreams. Zofia and Jan want to present Amy not only as the icon of music world, but also artistic one, as the inspiration. They want to ignite reflections on the condition of talent, which in our times becomes many times destructive.

The exibition now open 15- 28 June 2012 at 8 pm in Open Creative Atelier, ul .Brzeska 17A/ 10, Warsaw"

Information about the price of e-mail:
 I have got art with Amy. The works come from an exhibition of sculpture oleh Amy.Made in mix media. "I

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