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Welcome to the Fiercees! Watch the original on the Tyra Banks Show
Most likeable top model winner - Jaslene

Most unique look contestant - Jade

Shyest top model winner - Nicole

Craziest phone call - Natasha

Fiercest contestant with a disability - Heather (with autism)

Smartest blonde - Caridee

Biggest drama queen - Bianca

Best Covergirl - Saleisha

Biggest makeover meltdown - Jaeda

Lifetime Achievement Award - Toccara

Worst Wipeout/Walk - Norelle

Most Dramatic Exit - Kimberly

Ugliest Cry - Joanie *Bonus* ~Joanie cried when she got her teeth fixed. Tyra says it costed $30,000~

Most Dramatic Makeover - Shandi

Fiercest Twins - Michelle and Amanda

Common Non-winner - Eugena *Bonus* ~You can see Eugena in ads for South Pole in teen magazines~

Winner who didn’t get on the show the season before - Jaslene *Bonus* ~Jaslene wasn’t accepted into ANTM because she had just gotten out of an abusive relationship, so the judges didn’t know if she would be able to handle the criticism~

The best winner - TIE ! Naima (season 4) and Danielle (season 6)

The final two Fiercees awards go to non-ANTM contestants/winners.

The world’s first supermodel Fiercees award goes to…

Janice Dickinson!

And last but not least, the last Fiercees award for best retired model, ANTM judge, and talk show host goes to…

Tyra Banks!
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