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Alyssa Milano to bintang in Mistresses

Alyssa Milano has landed a role in a new TV show.

The American bintang will appear in network ABC's upcoming drama Mistresses, which is based on a UK programme of the same name. The series follows four women who have increasingly complex romantic lives.

Alyssa will play the lead role of Sarah, who is a married lawyer. Sarah is doing well at her job, but in turn that means she has to spend a lot of time away from home. Most evenings she can be found working late at the office, often alongside her hunky law partner.

Also appearing in the tampil are Rochelle Aytes as April, Jes Macallan who will portray Josslyn and Yunjin Kim who is Katie.

Not much is known about the other characters, although Sarah and Josslyn are sisters.

Mistresses is being penned oleh K.J. Steinberg, who has also worked on Gossip Girl.

It's a busy time for Alyssa, as it was recently announced she will be reprising her role as Amy in Breaking In. Amy is the estranged wife of Christian Bale's character Oz and it's thought she will come back with a secret dastardly plan.

The 39-year-old actress remains best known for her roles in supernatural drama Charmed and Melrose Place.

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Source: Belfast Telegraph