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My names Richard. I'm 17 years old and I just watched a video made oleh the Devil. It was NASTY and SCARY! I'm not kidding you! It had so much rape and satanic themes and many more. So, there is a lost A&O video about Humphrey called "Humphrey's_Lost_It_again-avi". I have like, an jam before I have to go to bed, so, I'll tell anda it all. The video starts off with a message saying "666" and it shows black for 8 seconds. Then, it fades in with Humphrey with a devilish and scary grin on his face. There was no sound but him breathing. He then looks at the ground and he raises an upside down...
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 I got this from a friends website and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
I got this from a friends website and don't say i messed up it was an idea i had [This is kate secretly doing it with backdraft
It was early morning after a night of fun after the howl but Humphrey felt something was wrong like something happened to Kate cause when he rolled over she wasn't there. He thought she had gotten up already but when he went to the dapur she wasn't there and she wasn't one the dipan, sofa 'where the hell is she' berkata Humphrey so he sat on the dipan, sofa and waited till Kate entered then he broke lose getting all on her for leaving and not saying nothing [Little did he know she was secretly dating Backdraft behind Humphrey's back] Humphrey: Where the hell were anda how come anda didn't say nothing huh...
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Kate and Lilly are college roommates who go exploring in an uncharted cave on the beach. But to their surprise, the tide begins to come in and they get lost. They have to think Quick in order to escape cause the water is rising....

"So Kate who told anda about this cave?" Lilly said, following her roommate/sister. Kate, who was a Junior, grinned. "My friend who explores caves all the time, Scar remember?" Kate said. She wore a sports bra and a short sleeve t-shirt with skinny, tight jeans. "Kate, don't anda wonder if guys stare at your pantat, keledai all the time?" Lilly said. "Hell, I want guys to stare...
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Kate woke the selanjutnya morning to sun streaming in her den, at first she was taken back oleh her surroundings, thinking she would wake up in a comfy tempat tidur with Jon's arm around her. Realizing where she was and remembering the night's sebelumnya events, she got up, stretched and yawned. The glare from the sun off the fresh powdery snow outside was blinding, and Kate squinted as she made her way to the mouth of the den. There was at least four feet of snow on the ground and it came up to her neckline. Traveling through this would be rough and time consuming, but she had to find Jon, he was lost out there...
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What an incredible night it was for the moonlight howl. The huge full moon lit up the night. Kate and Humphrey were on their way back to the den. Kate looked amazing, as usual, all spiffied up, just for her one true love....Humphrey! Humphrey really appreciated this. Kate always knew how to make him happy. He was the happiest omega serigala in the entire universe!

As the couple approached their beautiful sarang, den Kate told Humphrey to go on in while she was "using the bathroom". So, he did. Humphrey went into the sarang, den and sat down selanjutnya to the back wall, waiting for Kate to return. Meanwhile Kate was still...
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To be honest I really think this video is cute. And now I got a new fav gay pairing XD
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