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Source: credit gose to the ones how made atau took these foto
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after hearing bout Kate getting married to Garth, Humphrey's heartbroken so he decides to leave Jasper.

Humphrey: (thinks of Kate) Kate, why would anda do this?

He goes across Garth's territory, where Garth sees him leaving Jasper, and he starts to feel bad.

Garth: Where ya off to, Humphrey?
Humphrey: Well... i'm just... i'm just out for a little stroll and, uhh....
Garth: You're leaving huh?
Humphrey: (sighs) Yea, i'm... (sniffs a bit) i'm off to see where the train takes me.
Garth: Ya know, truth is: i don't wanna do this, i never did. But just so anda know, i lost Lilly too.
Humphrey: She really liked...
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 Humphrey (A&O's connection to the real world)
Humphrey (A&O's connection to the real world)
Chapter 16: A Legend is Born

It was a calm hari in Jasper Park. The sun was shining and the morning was just beginning. Kate was sleeping in the sarang, den with Runt, Stinky, and Claudette. A cool morning breeze blew through the cave entrance and woke her. She lifted her head and turned to wish her husband, Humphrey, a good morning. But all she saw was an empty luar angkasa selanjutnya to her, and then she remembered what had happened the hari before. The battle, the General. And Humphrey. She would give anything just to spend one lebih hari with him. All she wanted was to have Humphrey back. But no amount of hoping...
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i know this isn't A&O related, but i thought i'd share this video with y'all
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