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Ryan sat down pulled up his sleeve and clenched his fist. Ryan"OK go." Kate opened her jaws and sunk her teeth in Ryan`s arm. a purple fluid flowed trough his veins. His veins glowed purple and in menit it was done. Kate then took her jaws out of Ryan`s arm. Ryan quickly grew ears. Ryan what the hell." Then in one menit he was a wolf. Ryan"said what the hell." Kate"See how does it feel good." Ryan"yea it feels alright."


I hope anda liked this there are only going to be 2 lebih parts maybe 3 only if people like this series.
(12:41 A.M.)
(July 5, 2011)

After I had hung up the call with Scar's captors, I sat for a moment, thinking. Kate was selanjutnya to me and the rest of the rescue party was still in the living room.
A menit atau two later, a thought occurred to me. I picked my phone up and dialed a number, hoping that she was still awake.
I sat bolt upright. "Pen, it's Colby."
"What's up, bro? I haven't heard from anda atau Scar in a while. How is she, anyway?"
I chuckled humorlessly. "Yeah, that's what I'm calling about, Pen. She's gone missing."
"Oh no! What happened?" she asked.
"I left the house for a bit to go...
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posted by yoj123
The selanjutnya morning Kate set out of the sarang, den to hunt for some caribou and asked humphrey to come along he agreed hapilly because he loves to be around Kate wherever she goes.

They were about an jam into the hunt when a hunter came out of the bushes and Kate hears him she jolts meneruskan, ke depan right when the hunter fires his senapan the bullet just missed kates leg, and immediately after the shot humphrey jumps up and pushes the gun out of the hunters hand and the hunter (amazed oleh the situation) takes one look at humphrey and runs back into the bushes.

After this happened they decided to quit the hunt and go back to the sarang, den because Kate and humphrey were both in shock From this moment and from that point on Kate always hunts with Humphrey.
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Humphrey's POV.

I walked into the selanjutnya part of the sarang, den with Kate so we could have alone time away from Garth and Lilly. I decided that I would jike with Kate before we got started. She looked at me with her sexy look.
"So are anda ready big boy?" She smiled. I grinned.
"What did we come in here for again?" I Asked. Kate slapped her head."We came in here to get away from Garth's snoring right?" I Asked.
"No." Kate said.
"Get away from Lilly's snoring?" I Suggested. She rolled her eyes.
"Gods anda are dense. Be thankful that I think your cute." She berkata and I Laughed.
"Oh we came in here to make puppies...
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This is my first Video of Kate & Humphrey. It would be better if my Movie Maker wouldn't crash all the Time!^^ A detik One is in work