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selanjutnya week

mouchs pov

i just woke up after yet another night of fun with charlie and i still cant belive i have a mate and i've actualy lost a lot of weight and i think charlies lebih interested in me now and i think she may be pregnant because she been throwning up lately and been akting strangely and i think i should ask my mom if she is


i got to my mums sarang, den and woke her up "hey mum mum wake up" mouch berkata "what what whats going on" mouchs mum berkata "oh mouch hi honey whats up" mouchs mum berkata " um could anda come to my sarang, den charlies been akting strange and i think shes pregnant" mouch said...
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warning sexual referency ahead anda have been warned!!!

mouchs pov

the moring after charlie joined the pack

ahhhhh i got up slowly and quitely trying not to wake charlie and walked outside to take a walk and gather my thoughts wow i can't belive it i met a wonderful girl yesterday and invited her to stay at my sarang, den until she got one and when she gets up i'll ask her to be my mate ok man up mouch i got back to my sarang, den and charlie was waiting for me "oh hi charlie your up' mouch berkata hey i was just wondering umm would anda like to be my mate" charlie asked " wow how ironic i was just going to ask you...
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Shakey, Salty, and Mooch came to Humphrey house.
“Hey, Humphrey!” Shakey said
“What up guys?”
“Sorry for your loss!” Mooch said.
“She was no loss!”
“Well, I’ll miss her, but she’s where she belongs.”
“You mean how she’s burning…”
Shakey elbowed Salty in the gut to prevent Salty from reminding Humphrey that she’s in hell.
“We came because we want to steal those planes.”
“Alright, we could do that. Come back in an hour.”
15 menit later, the doorbell rang, “Has it been an hour?”
“No it hasn’t.”
They left. 15 menit after that,...
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An jam after I left Kate and Humphrey... I encountered another wolf, a serigala that was following me for quit a long time now.A very cool looking white and black serigala named Keirrn.
"Why hello there. Might anda tell me why you've been stalking me for an jam now?"
"I sought someone to come with me on my travels." He said.
"Well all that anda had to do was ask. I'll be glad to have a Lone-Wolf pack of two."
"Well lets go oleh the way... I'm Keirrn, but anda can call me K."
"I'm Red. Good to meet you."
"Yah lets go." And I had a partner and we were to rely on each other and no one else.
"Alright... well we...
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Humphrey, Kate, Lilly, and Garth all got what they wanted. Humphrey and Kate got married and Lilly and Garth got married. It was all a happy ending… atau beginning in this case. Winston looked at Tony and gave him a sharp look.
He finally berkata “Maybe this will work,” to Tony who was the leader of the Eastern pack.
“Oh,” Tony hesitated. He knew Eve was right behind him and he didn’t want to get jumped if he berkata no. Not only that but he himself also like happy endings. He heard a growl from Eve, looked back and berkata “Alright.”
Winston and Tony saw Humphrey and Kate Loving on each...
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