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posted by yoj123
guys this is my first artikel so don't hate me if it is bad

Kate kept on running from the big black beruang that was chasing her, she could not stop for she knew the consequences of what would happen if she ever slowed down... she would be torn to shreds oleh the gigantic beruang right behind her,she had to go and tell the other members of the pack, they would help her kill the bear.

she came up with a plan to kill the beruang oleh herself. she would run to the nearest cliff and stop short causing the beruang to fall off the cliff. so that was what she would do she saw a cliff oleh the corner of her eye and decided...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Details:Kill all Enemies, Find the hostages.
Weapons: M4A1 Acog sight, Desert Eagle.
Here Goes Nothing......
Time:10:50 Am.
Desert Special Units.
January 4 2014.
"Wake up!" Sandman said.
I opened my eyes only to find myself into a upside down hummer. I crawl out of hummer. "Here your Gun!" he gave my M4A1. I cover on a sandbag and shoot some enemies. Of course I didnt loose my pistol. I ran to a small house but I got hit oleh a sniper hidden.
"SHIT, SLENDER IS DOWN!" i heard a soldier. "Im fine..." I said. I took my M4A1 to shoot at sniper, he was hidden on a small...
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Felt bad for my lack of contribution to fanpop, lebih importantly Alpha and Omega so I'll try my best to find/make a video every day!
posted by ba12035890
One night in jasper Humphrey was going to his house in his new Toyota truck.
Humphrey: Man, I wonder where Kate is, she told me she was at the house.
Later, Humphrey saw Kate and Garth having sex on the couch. Humphrey then closed the door quietly and drove crying.
Humphrey: Hey, maybe I can stay with Lilly.
Humphrey stoped at Lilly’s house and knocked on the door.
Humphrey: hey Lilly can I spend the night here? Kate’s was having sex with Garth.
Lilly: oh that’s horrible! Sure anda can stay with me! Are anda hungry atau thirsty?
Humphrey well, not really. I just had lunch at work.
Lily: Well...
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