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when kate and bdawg where 12
kate:whow are you!:)
b-dawg: names b-dawg don't wear it out!:)
kate:(gigles)whana play!?
b-dawg:shure!ur it!:)
kate:tag! :)
*2 hours later*
humphrey:who are anda mute dumb anjing aren't aloud here!>:)
kate:omega shut up befor.......befor.....
humphrey:befor what anda call your dady!>:)
b-dawg:leave her alone.>:(
*humphrey attakes b-dawg*
winstone:stop all of anda kate it's time to go to alpha school.humphrey go to your den!pup go to your owener!
kate:bye*sad voice*
b-dawg:bye*sad voice*
fan of Alpha and Omega get ready for the greatest...
Xi-Fire, that is a brilliant idea

Humphrey-no, no, no, anda can't die on me now not after all we went through

most emotional...
Water- I cinta you

in the history of the universe with the return of many friends
Garth- Xi, your out of the coma

and enemies

with new ones as well:
Arthur- maybe we should run
Hutch- there's nowhere to run Xi Omega
tales of Alpha and Omega- the return (part 1)
coming soon
Verse 1:
She will be
Cummin on my mountain when I cum
(pump on more)
Cumin on my mountain when she cums
(in and out)
Cumin up my mountain
Cumin down my mountain
Exploding on my mountain when we cum

Verse 2:
We need to lick it round the rim before we cum
(so wet)
Suck it all around with Tongue before we cum
Sucking up my mountain
Licking down my mountain
Exploding on my mountain when she cums.

Blissful on my mountain
Blissful on my mountain
Blissful on my mountain when we cum.

Verse 3:
Shell be mounting my mountain before we cum
(slide it in)
She will be mounting my mountain before we cum
Pumping up my mountain...
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verse 1:
dark in this womb here
i cant hear, cant see clear
damn this fate for
damning me in this place

verse 2:
there is a light i can feel
warm feel, my deal
with the devil trapped me
damning me forever in here

now im
born free
my destiny calls me
from this womb i
am born now i can see
now im born free
i flow to my black sea
born free
to run
now im
born free

verse 3:
screams in this dark place
shivering haste, fog haze
beats i can hear
bereave me of all fear

verse 4:
the pulse is racing in this cell
the sound of a bell, "is this hell?"
the world i can now see
now im born free

now im
born free
my destiny calls me
from this womb i
am born now i can see
now im born free
i flow to my black sea
born free
to run
now im
born free

born freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (the eee's following tune)
now im born free
my destiny kills me.
posted by trueshadowwolf
"OK kate and lilly anda go invite every wolf." humphrey said. "ok got it." kate said. "crazyryan123 and thealphaboyz anda go find a humans generater power." humphrey said. "where can we find that?" ryan said. "there should be a general store over the forest." humphrey said. "got it lets go anthony!" ryan said. "ok!" anthony said." and trueshadowwolf anda and me and garth are gonna set up the flat screen t.v.!" humphrey said. "got it!" i said. "and shakey and mooch and salty anda go and find some wood to burn!" humphrey said. "ok." the gang said. "now lets do this." humphrey said.

misson 1
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posted by trueshadowwolf
it was the first hari of summer and humphrey and his friends were so bord. "(sigh) we should do something." humphrey said. "OH anda WANT TO PLAY JACKASS?" salty said. "NO remmeber what happened last time?" humphrey said. "oh yeah." salty said.


shakey and mooch and salty chuckled. "OK, OK, OK IN COUNT IN 3...1...2...3!" humphrey said. he got hit in the crotch with a porky pine. "AHHHHHHH DAMN IT HURTS!!!" humphrey screamed. 5 MINS LATER. "damn it rip it off." humphrey said. "ok ok just...hold still..." shakey said. (RIPS THE PORKEY PINE OFF humphreys crotch) "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"...
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posted by OmegaWolfShadow
Kate woke up, Humphrey was sleeping behind her so Kate got up quietly and walked out the den. She felt wet in her lower areas. Kate mencium her lower area"Wow did i really mate with Humphrey last night"Kate berkata to herself, Kate licked herself"Hmm that tastes good"Kate said. Kate licked herself a bit lebih then stopped and went down to the lake and cleaned up."Hey Kate"someone berkata from behind her, Kate turned to see Humphrey"Hey Humphrey"Kate said,"So did anda enjoy last night?"Humphrey asked getting into the lake. Kate giggled"Yeah i did"Kate said, when Humphrey and Kate were washing themselves...
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posted by sophiebridgers
hi its sophie anda might see me a lot talking about this club and how we need to help it well we do!! its a place to go and tampil your cinta to the movie not for drama and trolls. We all need to chill out all the klub that i am in are nothing like this in the drama and troll deportment, because they don't let it happen if it dues anda gust let it go atau let the troll stoppers stop them that's what there for. if anda want to leave the club then well go! stop telling us over and over if anda moved on well good we didn't because this is are club and we cinta it so please stop posting these not needed...
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posted by mattwolf199
After they finished talking humphrey said"matt anda cant stay hear but kate will find u a sarang, den u can stay in" "shure" i replide when me and kate were looking fore a sarang, den i came acrose a relitvily big one i climed in side "this will do"i berkata all ov a suden iheard a senapan crack and a trickle of blood rain down my cheek kate aparntle was shot in the shoulder as i grabe her limp body i feer the worst the senapan man was look ing fore his prise when i jumped out of the semak, bush andbtackeld him he floung me offhis back i grabd his senapan and shoot him in the leg then i ponted the gun at his head the man said"who...
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A sound jarred me from my slumber. I had been sleeping since I laid down on the kursi the sebelumnya night, and noticed that I needed to urinate bad, this might be hard with my screwed up ribs. It was quite dark in the Bronco due to it being covered in snow, I could not see out but I knew there had to be a lot from the way it was coming down the night before. But putting that aside, I keened my hearing. Something had moved outside, I swore I heard something bump into my Bronco. I heard lebih rustling, I reached meneruskan, ke depan and grabbed the steering wheel and painfully brought myself up to a sitting...
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Lilly sat there on the couch, watching Tv. She had drawn over 20 anime pictures of Ba'al and her.

"I've never been so miserable in my life..." Lilly said. She took out another sheet of computer paper and began drawing herself and Ba'al.

"I just want to reset time and make sure this had never happened." Lilly said. Lilly began drawing herself. She drew herself in a dress having long beautiful hair.

"I know it's wrong but... I still kinda cinta Ba'al..." Lilly said. She had finished drawing herself and started on Ba'al. What she was drawing was Ba'al as a third grader sitting on a bench and herself...
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My name is Xi Omega born over 813 years on the planet Gallifrey, I’m the last Time Knight and I fight evil across the world but I will always be alone and cannot be free from this cures, but this is the story about me and my friends and how I came to settle in Jasper with my new family.
Xi’s POV
I decide to investigate Jasper National Park in Canada before I go halaman awal to london “Well here we go” I berkata as I jumped down the long bukit, hill not a care in the world although I knew of the many threats to earth but I needed this break I had just come from Nome in Alaska in 1925 from the illness and...
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Fred: hey arent anda the mail pilot from balto?

mail pilot:whats wrong with your voice kid *mumbles little freak*.

Fred: i got lost i thought i was in seattle i guess not.

Mail pilot:well go see balto my dog.

fred: ok then thank you.

mail pilot: *chokes fred*

fred screams at the mail pilot the mail pilot lets go cause of his annoying voice.

fred runs to meet balto and jenna humping.

Fred:woah sorry are anda balto?

Balto:what the hell is wrong with your damn voice

Fred: i was born this way.

balto: well then where do anda need to go?

fred: i need to get back to seattle.

balto says to jenna ok then lets gut...
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It was hard beating the swarm of Alpha Shades but they did it Xi, Humphrey, Lilly, Kate, Garth, Skulduggery, Valkyrie, Ryan, Ghastly, Fletcher, Tanith, China, Pedro, Nico, Blu, Jewel, Blade and Water had done it and at that same moment api and the Doctor came out of the cave “Right api has the power in him now so he now have a chance against Alpha and Artimus” berkata the Doctor, Xi smiled and berkata “Good now we can put phase two of my plan” Humphrey then raised his eyebrow “What’s phase two?” he asked.
Alpha was furious when he got the laporan that his death squad was defeated by...
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It was early the selanjutnya morning. Everybody was still sound asleep, except for Humphrey. He was hungry all night. So he got up and went to Kate. He nudged her "Kate wake up" he berkata in a quiet voice. Kate stirred "what is it humphrey" she berkata groggly. "im hungry want to come with me to get something to eat" he berkata in a calm voice.

Kate got up and they scampered off to find something to eat. Humphrey found a plump rabbit to eat and Kate shared it with him. When they returned to the make-shift camp, everyone was awake. Winston and Tony Called the pack together. "is every one here" Tony asked....
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posted by nicker11500
Hutch shown Chloe around the valley and went around telling Hutch's friends about the wedding tomorrow. The selanjutnya hari Kate,and other female serigala was helping Chloe get ready and Hutch was talking to Humphrey and Cando in the center Valley where the wedding was held at.Everybody that was invited has sat down and Hutch up front waiting on Chloe,Chloe is now done and shes starting to walk toward the center Valley.Hutch and everyone else seen Chloe coming She got in front of each other smiling and they started to accept each others sent,nibble on the ear,and finally they rubbed noises and they were both happy that they are finally mates they both went to the sarang, den and Hutch berkata "hey Chloe" "yeah" she berkata happily "do anda want to anda know romance since where mates?"

*to be continued*
hey people please enjoy and sorry about the wait been busy but again enjoy and this has some girl power in it since most of my stories doesn't involve girls so here anda go haha

When Nathan awoke from his unconscious state he felt extreame pain in his liver ( the bullet) and in the shoulder ( the knife) "cant let anyone notice atau see" he berkata quitely.

After about twenty menit he found some strong, long and thick grasses that he tied toghether to make a homemade stitch to put into his wounds. But now time to take the bullet out.
" ouch " he yelped when he got the bullet out of his wound now...
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posted by VictoriaWolf
Just a little poem for phil since some of anda are quite sad.
When we lose something that is precious to us, we are left with a feeling of sadness. Whether it is a precious friend atau even a treasured object, the loss can be hard to bear. It is as if a part of anda has gone missing. Throughout our life we amass collections of friends and treasured possessions. Having close relationships help us feel as if we are not alone in the world. When we lose someone atau something that is precious to us, we may realize that there is a certain aloneness that can never be filled. Ultimately the condition of life is one of being alone before

Even if we might not ever meet phil again on fanpop , hopefully in the furture we will meet the great man ourself.

Four months later
So that is how I came to live in Jasper but there were darker days to come.
Xi was walking down the woods to his motor halaman awal with the Doctor the others were with Humphrey, Kate and api “So why do we need to go to your motor halaman awal anyway?” asked the Doctor “You’ll see my friend” berkata Xi rising on eyebrow then Marcel and Paddy flew in “Have anda heard to news?” asked Marcel “Yes I knew it happened over four months ago” replied Xi smiling then walking off with the Doctor “Where’re anda two going?” asked Paddy “To Xi’s motor halaman awal to get some stuff” replied...
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It all was about to kick off now we all knew that judgement hari was coming here is the story.
Three months later
A serigala followed oleh his wife where oleh the lake looking out at the water at about 12:00pm then a sound from the semak, bush made them jump “What was that?” asked the wolf’s wife then the serigala walked into the semak, bush to see then he gave out a loud yell for help then silent “Honey don’t scare me like that” berkata his wife then an Alpha Shade came out and killed her
Next morning
Humphrey followed oleh Kate, Fire, Lilly, Garth, Water, Winston, Tony and Eve where oleh a dead serigala “Not again...
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