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posted by REDWolfleader
I got up at four and headed to the spot I showed the recruits.I reached my destination and found them sitting there.
"We all here? Good. Lets do some training! I will tampil anda how to; manipulate your enemy, detect your enemy, hide from your enemy, paralyze him, and so on so fourth.Lets go find an enemy." We wondered for a while then I heard something,
"Stay here." I whispered quietly, I moved ahead and crouched so I was almost hugging the soil. I saw a serigala that was snooping around,
"Perfect." I jumped at him and jabbed his left leg, then his right.
"What pack are anda from?"
"Not one anywhere near...
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Humphrey was all hoped up to beat Wolfiey's son in a rap battle so when he got there he saw riley sitting waiting : and they soon started with Riley first:
Yo Humphrey, I spit a racial slur. Honky, sue me.
This shit is a Horror flick
but the black guy doesn’t die in this movie.
Fucking with Riley dawg anda gotta be kiddin.
That makes me believe anda really don’t have a interest in livin.
You think these niggas gonna feel the shit anda say?
I got a better chance joinin the K.K.K.
Know some real shit tho? I like you.
That’s why I didn’t wanna be the one anda commit suicide to.
Fuck Riley ......
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posted by VengeanceWolf
 Hits close to halaman awal with these serigala
Hits close to home with these wolves
I strode down Steel Avenue with Alec and our little group close on my heels.
Steel Avenue was were all the blacksmiths in my capital were quartered. They were legendary, many people from around the world came here for their steelwork. Though they were the leading money maker for Red, I struggled to find enough iron and coal for them to smelt.
We were heading there now, for the purpose of outfitting my new squire in steel.
At the end of Steel Avenue was our destination, to a serigala named Aleric. He was possibly the best blacksmith the world had ever seen, however he only made his steel for those...
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posted by PrinceRhaegar
His name was Alec. Kate had named the pup after me, even after my pleading, she had been adamant.
"Kate, why would anda name him after me?" I berkata in a soft voice.
"Because it was what I chose to do. And he sorta looks like you."
The pups bulu was mostly black, save some golden locks on the puncak, atas of the head, not as dark as mine, but close.
It had been a couple weeks since his birth and the death of my closest friend and bond-brother, Mephistopheles. I ahd also neglected to tell anyone about it.
The pup opened his eyes to look at me, they were a startling amber color that seemed to shine with their...
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The sound of water broke through the darkness. Eight could hear it, off in the distance. It grew closer and closer until he could hear it very well. In his sleep, he became conscious. He knew where he was, laid down oleh the river. He knew that was what he was hearing. He remembered everything fuzzy at first until he began to wake up. His eyes cracked and he took inventory of the world around him. It was quiet. The sound of laughter and splashes he remembered before he drifted had stopped now, but for how long he didn't know. The first thing that came into focus was Zen, who was also asleep...
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Cathy woke up and thought of something. He and Faolan have never come face to face. She had to meet him.
“Hey, Humphrey.”
“I want to meet this Faolan guy. We could meet each other face to face.”
“Alright. We’ll arrange something.”
Later that day, they all met together. Cathy saw Faolan, the beautiful wolf.
“Who’s that beauty there?”
“That is Faolan.”
Cathy paused, “Faolan looks hot? I figured he’s be ugly!”
Faolan saw Cathy, “Hey Humphrey, aren’t anda going to introduce me to her? It’s respectful.”
“This is my beautiful girl friend, Cathy....
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posted by UriahA
Humphrey went into a human town. While there, he got nitrous on the Armada, and an iPod similar to what he saw in Garn’s truck. He expected to see metallica and the awesome song he pulled up “And Justice for All.” He was upset that he didn’t.
He asked a worker, “Sir, how do I put metallica on this thing?”
“You have to pull up this program on your computer called iTunes, then sync the songs onto the iPod.
“Here, I’ll do it. I have like 100 metallica songs on here.”
“What are other band anda like?”
“Never heard of any others.”
“I’ll hook...
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posted by UriahA
Scar was crying the selanjutnya morning. She didn’t know how she fell asleep. The only way was oleh crying herself to sleep. Then her attitude switch. She started to rage! That trucker killed her husband and now he had to pay!
She got up and got on of the cars Humphrey let her borrow. She came of to Kate and Humphrey’s truck.
“Kate, what was the license number of that truck?”
“It was…”
“Hold on let me gnaw it down… ok.”
“It was a Montana state license plate, 1169375. It was a Volvo double cab truck carrying most Toyotas.”
“Ok, thanks.”
Scar grabbed the Hemi Charger from...
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posted by katealphawolf
Kate's sleep had been troubled; she never realized how much she moved in her sleep now that she had a cracked rib. Dawn was approaching and even with limited sleep she hailed it in. Today there would be a lot of stuff to sort out with the pack. The hunting plan yesterday had failed, spectacularly though. She was so glad to be alive; she never thought that Tony, a grizzled old Alpha would even bother to save them from the caribou.
Kate deep down had a burning desire to know where Tony learned to do that, she didn't want to bother him though. Maybe her father would know; she shook off the idea...
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posted by westernunit-211
(The western pack are nothing but traitors and filled with disrespect to all omegas. Humphrey and the omegas moved to the Eastern territory and joined their pack who are fighting the Western wolves. However Kate and Lilly left their parents to be with the ones they cinta the most.)

April 12, 12:13hrs
Eastern territory

Humphrey and Kate were looking out and seeing the western border. Kate was upset and sad that her parents have mistreated him and the omegas for such a long time and now doesn't care for them any more. She moved with Humphrey to the Eastern Pack and so did her sister Lilly....
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posted by Marc0201
Kate, Humphrey, Garth and Lilly notice that Butch growling at them (if I get the name wrong, don't blame me ok?).
"What should we do?" Kate asked.
"Run." Humphrey answered.
"O.K." they all berkata and started running through the woods. They didn't notice that Butch wasn't chasing them but they kept on running. Kate was looking behind her to see if he was chasing them, but then ran into something.
"Kate!" Humphrey yelled. They stopped running because they knew that butch wasn't chacing them anymore, but to help Kate.
"Hey! Watch where your goin'!" the man said.
"Sorry but were running from someone,"...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Detail:Rescue Lt.Bob.
My Weapons:Spas-12, Desert Eagle Flashlight.
My Equipment:Four Flashbangs, Two Combat Tomahawks.
Dark Weapons:M4A1 Green Dot Sight, kuda jantan muda, colt 45.
Dark Equipment:One Smoke Grenade.
Sandman Weapons:UMP 45 Blue Dot Sight, M9.
Sandman Equipment:4 Frag Grenades.
Ghost Weapons:Ak-47 Red Dot Sight /w Grenade Launcher, Desert Eagle.
Ghost equipment:None.
My Clothes:Black Belaclava, Desert Hat, Desert Uniform, Body armor with extended mags, Desert pants, Black boots, Desert gloves.
Dark clothes:Desert helmet, Belaclava, Desert uniform, Body armor, Black boots, Desert pants, Tactical Gloves....
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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Details:Kill the Leader of Enemy Base.
Weapons:Barret, Akimbo Glock 18.
Localization: Iraq.
Clothes:Desert Camoflage, Desert Pants, Desert Gloves, Black Boots, Desert Helmet.
Group: Me, Sandman.
Day 2
9:53 Pm
January 5, 2014
Desert Spec Units.
"Stay hidden." I said. "I crouched and headed to base slowly. "Two enemies, 12 Meters. Take them out." I said. "On my Mark." "Mark." I exploded a enemy head as sandman do. "Quick! Take A AK Sandman, I will take this MP5 Blue Dot sight." I swap my sniper to a MP5. "There is a reason I bought silencers."...
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payback time'' runt berkata to him self
an important prisoner is being moved here
geniral estanbar" runt berkata with anger
pro nazi scum" runt added
a black car pulled up with a man in hand cuffs
target spotted" runt smiled
moments later runt was hidden in a pohon waiting for his chance to strike
once he knew him and the geniral were alone he walked in blade out
who are you" the Geniral asked
your worst nightmare"runt berkata in a dark tone
haha i have no nightmares boy"the Geniral said
oh realy"runt berkata and stabed the genirals eye
Heilgar screamed in pain
do anda know who i am" runt yelled
removing the hood
i know...
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posted by Daria3
I happened to watch a clip of A&O3 trying to decide on clips that will work for a video I'm making right now and I have one thing to say: holy crap, Nars voice is DEEP. I didn't remember it being so deep when I watched A&O3 back in March. It almost reminds me of how deep Xerxes' (300) voice is.

Makes me wonder if that is really what his actor sounds like atau if they modified his voice in post production to be that deep. It could be possible that it's his real voice, though, as George "Johnny 3 Tears" Ragan's (of Hollywood Undead) voice is natural deep, deeper than Nars' voice even.

But either way, how deep Nars' voice is shocked me right away. I even watched other clips just to be sure I wasn't hearing things.
posted by ThreeLitllePups
Hi guys ^^ well I decided to change my stories (name and the plot), they are still serigala but in real life. A world of wolfs but they have the same life like us... I think anda are understand what I mean. It's the selanjutnya of Jasper's story but totally reformed.

Runt's family live in a house near Jasper city, they have an view on the stream and the mountains. Simple house : two floors, an small garden and the necessary. Matt live in downtown, Terra work in a electronic company for the defense of the countrie with Hutch as director. Runt works in a bank and Magril works in the Hospital, their girls...
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The morning after that Me and Sophie wake up to find my parents aren't in the sarang, den
Me: Sop wake up my parents aren't here.*uncomfortably
Sophie: Probably hunting
Me:Are anda sure?
Sophie:Come on let's go and find them
We walk to the hunting ground and found my parents hunting
Me:Nice catch mom and dad.
Rose and Shade: Thanks son morning guys
Sophie: Morning to anda too.
As me and my parents brought back the food to eat
I notice Sophie didn't my share
Me: Sophie what's wrong?
Sophie: I can't eat that it's your family kill
Me: Sop you're family to me
Sophie:Okay Jason
Rose:You cared about her don't you?
Me:As a friend atau as a crush
Rose: Crush
Me: Then as a friend.
Come back and ready for a long adventure with Lea and Matt. Follow their relationship with good moment and bad… See the two pups grown and began an Alpha. Lea will can be an Alpha, Matt will be her boyfriend. Let’s go see that ^^ I didn’t write Lea’s POV because it will be just in Lea’s POV…

He was so beautiful when he walked. Very prove of him and sure, never scar atau jut of frog… when we arrived I saw Lucille with a grey wolf. “Hey who is he” I asked to her, “Hi ! he call Ethan, he is the….” Lucille stop speaking and I see that she looked Matt. “Yeah he is my brother”...
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posted by ThreeLitllePups
Hi my sweet garlics ^^ here the Chap 2 of Jasper’s story ! Let’s go and follow the adventure of Lea and her family around Jasper. Lea, future Alpha with her sister Lucille are really energetic. Magril try to keep an eye of them, Runt try to be a good father. Claudette and Fleet with Luna and Stinky, Artemis with Hayden and Eva… Two pups energetic, one girl shy and one future leader-head with an Omega. A lot of serigala huh ?? Ok I left anda guys ^^

Lea’s POV :

Today with Lucille and Luna, we decided to visit Eva and Hayden. I woke up also earlier, I don’t know why… maybe because I’m...
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Here is a quick recap before we jump into the main story, just to fill anda in on all the events that have happened since my last chapter (LWKK part 7) in a nutshell;
My pups have been born healthy and completely normal in every way! Kate and Katie were and still are very protective, just not overprotective anymore. Chris (Xero_Pyramid206) came up with a remedy to speed up their growth to 5 months old. So about a week after Jon Jr. and LaDonna were born, I confronted him about it with the news that both Kate and Katie had diberikan full permission to get the procedure done.
All it consisted of was...
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