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Chris and his friends had gone to tempat tidur early the sebelumnya night. They had decided not to stay up until the howl ended at 2 in the morning, so they had all gone to sleep wearing earmuffs that Chris had made. Chris had done quite a lot for these wolves. He had made them hammocks, he'd reinvented running water and fire, and he even had a working light in his den. He was in the envy of even the highest wolves. Now, while Saltey, Mooch, ROMbot and Darren slept, Chris was scribbling in his notebook. He hadn't taken the earmuffs off. He'd forgotten he was wearing them. He occasionally stopped to look at the clock. Why was time moving so slowly?! He wanted to get up. He was hungry. Breakfast wasn't for two hours. CanDo hadn't even popped round to give them the day's food permits yet. Chris did have supplies, but unfortunately he'd accedentaly taken foods that were god knows how many years past the sell-by dates. He would have got up and played a game on the computer, but he didn't want to wake any of his friends up. Mooch was especialy grumpy in the mornings. So he just lay there, thinking of the events of the last few days. He flipped through his notebook and pulled out the paper he'd found in his mantel pocket, just before he'd met the salesman.
"Why am I carrying this thing around with me?" he asked himself. "Who even sent this. Notes from strangers written in blood are never anything good. Well, not in my experience."
Then he shut up, noticing Mooch stirring. He went back to snoring loudly. Salava dripped from his mouth onto the floor. "Yeugh." Chris turned away from him. He wondered if Kate and Humphrey were free of each other now. He wondered why he cared.
He wondered if the note had some kind of hidden meaning. He tried the first letter of each word and got this: TWBY. DNTTOYWD. Useless. Mabye the last letter?
This was also useless, but it had a nice ring to it. Chris wrote it down.

One jam had passed. Humphrey woke up. He drowsily got to his feet. "That was an awsome howl, eh Kate?"
Still nothing. Humphrey looked around. Kate had gone. He wagged his tail experimentally. It was working perfectly again. He was free. He left the sarang, den and bumped right into Hutch.
"Sorry, humphrey." Hutch said. "Careless of me."
"It's fine," Humprhey told him. Hutch looked frightened, as if he expected Humphrey to hit him atau somthing. "Really, Hutch, i'm fine. anda seen Kate?"
"Kate? Oh, she went to check the boarder an couple of minuites ago. anda just missed her."
Humphrey suddenly remembered that their honeymoon was over today. Kate was expected to do her duties once more.
"Anyway," Hutch berkata quickly. "Garth sent me. There's a meeting today after lunch. He needs anda there."
"I'll be there," Humphrey promised. "Don't worry."
Once Hutch was gone, Humphrey groaned. He'd be lucky to see Kate at all during the day. He resolved to get some breakfast, then mabye call in on a few friends.

The silent clock on the bedside meja vibrated. Chris picked up the horn of the floor. This was going to be fun. He walked over to mooch, lifted an earmuff and squezed the horn as hard as he could.
Mooch was out of tempat tidur faster than... well, faster than someone who's just been woken up oleh a car horn. Saltey was laughing. So was ROMbot. Darren just glanced around. "How depressing." Then he shut off again. Mooch was breathing heavily.
"Right." Chris said. "Breakfast."
"Erm, Chris. Omegas don't get breakfast during autumn and winter. Just lunch and dinner."
"What? Why?"
"Supplies get low otherwise."
Mooch stepped out into the daylight. "Look on the bright side." He said. "We might get snow again."
Saltey grinned. "Snow! We can have fights with Kate and Humphrey!"
"Speaking of Humphrey.." Chris said, pointing at somthing behind Mooch. Mooch turned to see Humphrey standing there.
"Hey guys!" Humphrey said. "How's it going?"
"Fine. How are you, Humphrey?" Chris asked.
"Oh, same. Couldn't be better." He certainly didn't look fine. "You want to go logboarding?"
"Sure." berkata Saltey. "Where's Kate?"
"She's busy. Where's Shakey?"
"He left."
"He what?"
"He got sick of us pelting him for being a vegetarian and left."
"But guys!" Humphrey said. "Shakey's part of the crew! anda remember? The old days?"
"Old days?" Chris asked.
"We never had any parents, Chris." Humphrey explained. "Winston took us in."
"Oh." Chris said.
"Unless he drops the veggie thing," Mooch said, "He can stay away from us."
"Fine." a voice said.
They all turned around. Shakey was standing there. "I have had it up to here with those girls. anda know what they did?! They tried to kill me!"
"Why?!" Humphrey asked.
"They asked me which one of them I liked most... and... I picked Jasmine."
"What did they do then?"
"They... They knocked her out cold! And they they tried to do it to me, too. If Kate hadn't had been there, they would have killed me!"
"Kate was there?" Humphrey asked.
"Yeah. She saved my life. A meat eater saved my life." He tore the bunga off from around his neck, and threw them into the fire.
"Hey!" Mooch yelled. "I could have had those!"
"I'm never touching vegetables again." Shakey said. "From now on, i'm a carnivore through and through."
"Nice to have anda back, Shakey." Saltey said.
Humphrey was still looking worried. "Where are the girls now?" He asked.
"Kate had them put in the pit. She's talking to them now."
Humphrey ran off.
"You know what?" Chris said. "I think this calls for a celebration. I'll see what's in the cooler."
"Oh." Mooch said. "This'll be nice. What is there?"
Chris looked.
"Well, there's a yougurt, but if anda want to eat it, you'll have to shave it first. There's also a sausage, but it appears to have already been digested. Twice. There's also some drinks."
"What's wrong with the drinks?"
"We'll have them, then. I don't think i'll be able to eat for a while after listening to you."

Humphrey arrived at the puncak, atas of the hill. He'd left the alpha's area and was now coming into the prison area. This was where the pack kept serigala captive. It wasn't a nice place. Winston had once had to put humphrey in there for accedentally hurting Kate in a play fight. He'd met Mooch there as a puppy, put there for putting on too much weight. He was to be kept from food for the whole day. Humphrey shared a peice of meat with him and they had become friends. But now he lead the pack, and it was his duty to actually put badly behaved serigala in here. It was the pack's main way of punishment. The other was exile. There were no cages atau anything fancy like that. Just lots of pits that ropes were put into so that the inmates could climb out. Some of the inmates were actually tied up. Humphrey could hear his wife's voice very clearly. The two vegetarian girls were lying in a pit. Janice's paws were tied. Kate was yelling at them.
melati was standing selanjutnya to Kate. Her face was bruised. "Kate." She berkata weakly. "I'm sorry. I didn't want this..."
"Jasmine, don't interupt me, please. We can talk about this later. Dicipline first."
"But Kate." Janice said. "I.. We.. She was taunting us."
"You will stay in there till anda learn not to hurt people. Violence does not sort out problems between friends. Accept it. He doesn't like you. He just thinks you're wierd. Especialy now."
"And while you're at it," Kate said, leaning forward. "Never shout at me."
"I'll tear anda open, rip out your lungs and shove them up your- Oh, hello Humphey."
"Slag!" Reba shouted.
"Right, that's it." Kate turned around. "Vegetarianisim is banned. I've had enough. And anda two can stay there for a week."
"You.. anda BITCH!"
Kate was silent for a moment. Then she dropped down into the pit, picked up Janice off the ground oleh the throat and held her, so that they were nose to nose. Janice pummeled her, and hardly made a scratch. "What was that, Janice?"
Janice was silent.
"I asked anda a question." Kate berkata in a sing-song voice. Humphrey was proud of her for that. If he'd tried to hurt kate now that they were both fully grown, he'd probably get his chest torn open.
Kate's voice decended to a whisper. "If anda ever call me that again, i'll kill you. anda understand?"
Janice whined and pawwed at her, tampilkan her submission.
Kate dropped her. Then she effortlessly flipped out of the pit and landed selanjutnya to Humphrey. "Come on, Humphrey. We're leaving."

"Kate.." Humphrey stared at her. "It's like I don't know anda any more."
Kate took him to the sarang, den and hugged him. "I'm sorry anda had to see that, Humphrey." She berkata quietly.
Humphrey didn't know what to do.
"I still cinta you." She said. "Really. I do. I just had to leave early this morning. I'm sorry I never berkata goodbye."
Humphrey hugged her back. "It's all right." He said. "Just so long as anda don't completely turn into your mum."
Kate laughed. "I'll try."
Hutch came in and they imediately yelled at him for not asking permission.
"Sorry." He said. "The meeting's on in 10 minutes."
"I know, Hutch. I'm not forgetfull."
Hutch shrugged. "Garth's already there. Chris is apparently going to tampil us somthing."
He left.
Kate and Humphrey eventually had to let go of each other. She kissed his cheek. "I'll always cinta you." She told him. "I'll always be here for you."
"Me too." Humphrey told her. Kate examined him.
"Humphrey, when was the last time anda combed your fur? atau washed it, for that matter."
"Well.." Humphrey began.
"Don't answer that. Be at the river after breakfast tommorow atau i'll come and drag anda there. You're going to get a wash weather anda like it atau not."

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