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Humphrey, Kate, Lilly, and Garth all got what they wanted. Humphrey and Kate got married and Lilly and Garth got married. It was all a happy ending… atau beginning in this case. Winston looked at Tony and gave him a sharp look.
He finally berkata “Maybe this will work,” to Tony who was the leader of the Eastern pack.
“Oh,” Tony hesitated. He knew Eve was right behind him and he didn’t want to get jumped if he berkata no. Not only that but he himself also like happy endings. He heard a growl from Eve, looked back and berkata “Alright.”
Winston and Tony saw Humphrey and Kate Loving on each other then looked over to Lilly and Garth. Lilly was hovering over Garth and would not get her nose of his.
“What do two serigala do after they retire?” Winston asked.
Tony knew Winston was on to something. And he knew exactly what it was. Marcel flew in out of nowhere.
“May I introduce anda do Golf?”
Paddy gave Marcel his driver and Marcel nailed the ball right through the crowd of wolves. Winston approached Humphrey. He opened his mouth to try and let words come out but he’s not used to saying “Thank you” to Omegas.
“Humphrey I just wanted to tell you, I really appreciate the fact anda berkata oleh Kate’s side this whole time. I just wanted to say thank you.”
Humphrey’s smile widened even lebih “You’re thanking me for something I’d do all over again?”
“Yes, I pretty much am. But, is there anyway I can make it up to anda for being with her and standing oleh her side?”
Humphrey took some time to think, but he remembered something he hadn’t even been in before, the Moonlight Howl. “Let Kate and I lead the Moonlight Howl tonight.”
“You want to lead the Moonlight Howl? Please don’t call me gay, but I always thought anda had a very… beautiful howl, in fact, the best I ever heard.”
“Really? anda really think that?”
“Yes, I do and I really appreciate all this. anda can lead the Moonlight Howl.”
It was about 4:30 and the Moonlight Howl was going to come at 8:00 and Humphrey was probably the most exited for this. Even lebih than Lilly.
Humphrey approached Kate who was taking a nap before the howl. “Kate, Kate, wake up.”
Kate looked up at Humphrey, “Are anda excited for this?”
“Way excited, I can believe Winston was so lenient and let us lead the Moonlight Howl!”
“I know. anda know the Moonlight Howl is a mating ritual right?”
“Yeah, after the Howl, a serigala and his howling partner go back to their sarang, den and mate.”
“Wow I never knew that.”
Humphrey prepared and “warmed up” his vocal chords. So did Kate and all the rest of the wolves. The selanjutnya 3 hours past oleh SLOW for Humphrey. To pass the time he slept it off. Kate woke him up 10 menit prior to the Moonlight Howl. That night they spent the night at Humphrey’s parent’s house. They rotate between staying with Eve and Winston and staying with Humphrey’s parents, John and Angelica.
“Mom, Dad, don’t forget the Moonlight Howl is in 10 minutes.”
“I’ll be there, buddy, Mom and I just need to get ready.”
John and Angelica were both Alphas. The oldest kid and the Alpha was Hutch, and then Humphrey, an Omega. As Humphrey and Kate were walking to the mountain, they heard the first howl. They started walking up the mountain. Mooch, Salty, and Tony were howling together.
“Umm, Kate, look at those 3, do anda think they’re going to mate?” Humphrey said. Kate could clearly tell he was freaked out.
“You know, I really don’t know about that one. It would be disturbing though.”
Humphrey saw Reba and Janice dancing around Shakey. Humphrey knew he would mate with both of them. At that spot Humphrey mouthed “What the hell.”
Winston and Eve weren’t howling but they were definitely enjoying themselves. Humphrey saw Garth howling. It was terrific and amazing compared to what it used to be. The rest of the serigala were dancing with their mates. Humphrey and Kate got to the puncak, atas and all the serigala turned to them.
“You ready?” Humphrey asked Kate.
“Oh yeah, ready!” Kate replied totally pumped.
They howled their amazing duet and the serigala were amazed. They were a good couple.
“Oh yeah! Uh-huh! Yes!” Shakey berkata nervously.
Their duet wasn’t long but was great. When it ended the serigala though that’s it?
“Was that great?” Humphrey asked.
“Yes great!” Kate said.
The got halaman awal and played dodge rock. The rock weren’t thrown hard atau to the head.
“Give it up Humphrey! You’ll hit…”
Humphrey threw a rock to her chest which knocked her down.
“Haha! Omega 1 Alpha 0!” Humphrey taunted.
“Yeah?” Kate threw one really hard to Humphrey’s crotch.
“Ahh! Ahh!”
“That’s what anda get for taunting the girl!”
Humphrey tackled Kate. They both laughed.
“Dinner!” John yelled.
“Since the Moonlight Howl is so late, why don’t we eat before the Moonlight Howl?” Humphrey asked.
“It’s tradition,” Kate replied.
Angelicas paws were soaked with caribou blood from trying to cut the meat. “I need to go down to the stream and wash off.”
“You do that, mom,” Humphrey said.
It’s been 14 hours since the packs united and they already have a decent meal.
It was early sunday morning and jon got up feeling kinda depressed about killing Riley but he had to just then his mother got up and she wasn't to happy she hadn't slept well last night and jon knew that so he kept his mouth shut then his dad got up and berkata 'Hows my loving family doing this morning?' and jon replied 'I'm good' and kate just grumbled and humphrey took it like a good and he left for his selanjutnya rap recording he was glad that his family was finnaly aman, brankas but when he got to the rap studio he started his recording and when he finished he went halaman awal in his audiR8 and as he drove up...
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Humphrey and Kate are howling together along with the rest of the newly united pack, celebrating the fact that they no longer have to fight for food and no lebih having scraps and bones for dinner, but Kate and Humphrey are howling for a different reason.

"Kate I cinta anda so much" Humphrey berkata as they finished their howl.

"Oh Humphrey, I cinta anda too" berkata Kate as she kissed him on the lips.

The ciuman lasted for about 30 detik and when they pulled away, they noticed everyone staring at them with smiles on their faces.

"Why are anda looking at us like that?" asked Humphrey.

"Because your so handsome"...
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The General featured in A&O 10 originally served in Kuwait and was a veteran of Desert Storm.

Before entering the military, he had excelled in karate as a young adult and was a very capable fighter with just his hands, being able to disarm someone in a matter of detik and was also an incredibly agile gymnast, easily capable of backflpping whenever he pleased.

This combination of karate and gymnastics made him an exceptional opponent, able to easily avoid an attack and swiftly deliver a spin-kick of deadly proportions.

During Desert Storm, however, he lost many of his fellow comrades, most...
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Chapter 14: The Last Stand

(Song: The Last Stand-Two Steps from Hell)

The battle continued to draw out, and both sides were exhausted, as they had both been fighting non-stop for the past hour-and-a-half, but it looked as if the serigala had finally won when all the remaining humans suddenly turned around and retreated back into the forest. But not five menit later, the serigala heard the sound of even lebih trucks, but they couldn't see them. They heard the sound of doors slamming but they didn't see any humans. Everyone was extremely confused. They all looked at each other, not knowing what to...
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