I thought artikel was better than dinding posts.
This artikel is marked as "opinion" and fanpop has allowed everyone to debat without going across the line.

First I want to say that I won't force anyone to like anything I like. For using opinions as arguments (different than saying I don't/do like), anda don't have to agree with me. If anda don't... I won't harass anda for it nor will I insult atau personally attack.
I will (or not) possibly disagree and argue as well, but that's it.
If anda feel forced with this article, then go back.
If anda think I do harass, then please look up the definition.

As for outside the site? That's a different place, and being a little harsh on own journals for example is allowed there.

The club has been filled with many problems:
---Some fan Fiction creators get attacked and insulted, and others force the fan fiction creators to stop posting what he/she likes.

---Some other members don't allow others to disagree and argue.

---Off-topic spam (e.g. Posting reactions toward journals on DA) happens.

---I've been severally attacked for just standing up for myself and explaining that I just... disagreed.

---Some others claim I "force" my opinions... while the others are constantly spamming me, forcing me to be quite and forcing the opinion that I'm "delusional", and so on. The moment I argue back, I am told to be a "problem".
Clearly tampilkan others can say what they want but not me.

---No member I know can handle a debat they started.

It only went on because others went on.

So I like to give my message and say that I am one of the many members that got scared away oleh what feels like "cyber police" on this wall. I do not know if I will return but I realize that this group is 99.9% hopeless.
I've tried to follow what everyone else did, and I get bashed. I also tried to follow what fanpop said, and other members bash me. Basically, I'm just not allowed to be myself here.

I have zero intention to harass, personally insult and if I feel like I might be going too far, I take action because I don't have a bad heart.
I believed I tried to follow what is allowed and avoided what isn't.
I'm sorry if I ever did went too far Fanpop. And I already berkata sorry on one post because I realized that might of been unnecessary.
If I did went too far, I didn't know, maybe it's just the way I talk. Maybe it's a misunderstanding, idk.


I won't say I lost any arguments. Just that I am leaving with a major issue I wanted to address.
I won't leave fanpop but I will leave this group and find better groups out there.
I suggest not bringing any drama on the wall. And I really suggest not making letters directed at me and/or anyone else on the wall. That clearly starts drama, and is picking a fight.
Remember it's just a suggestion.

My final suggestion is that if some members want me to leave sooner, then please don't reply. It's not worth it.

Remember, Alpha and Omega club is NOT how to become a fan of Alpha and Omega. anda don't need it, other sites are lebih better. Heck, anda don't have to be part of any group.