As Hutch and Kate lay in the Wal-Mart they waited 10 menit for the zombies to pass Hutch: "ok I think there gone". As they both stand up Kate:" ok we better get a pindah on" Hutch nodded, they both started walking to the way they came, when they got out of the town there was almost 20 zombies in there path Hutch:"well looks like we have to fight are way again" Kate:"yep" as they both got there weapons out Hutch took out 5 zombies and Kate took out 5 also Hutch:"ten more" Kate:"I got them" as she went to ayunan at one of them the zombie knocked the weapon on the ground and pushed her down, now the ten zombies are walking towards her Hutch ran and pulled Kate away in time Hutch:"let me try" as hutch to wrack him the Zombie did the same thing Hutch:"did they become stronger?" as they looked behind them 20 lebih zombies appeared heading towards them Hutch:"Kate, when I say Run anda run towards the gas station, I'll distract them" Kate:" wait what? I am not leaving anda out here to die" Hutch:" Just do! I'll be fine, I'll fine away back to anda guys" Kate:"but I am not leav-", Hutch picked her up and threw her over the 10 zombies Kate landed softly in rumput Hutch:"Just go tell them to watch for me!" Kate berkata nothing and ran as fast as she could to the gas station when she got near she heard Cando yell " Kate is coming!" they opened the one way door and she got inside Winston: "Kate are anda alright" Kate nodded sadly Winston:" what's wrong where's Hutch?" Kate:" we ran into 10 zombies they where tougher then the others we faced then 20 lebih came behind Hutch berkata to go without him and he berkata that he will distract them so I'll be aman, brankas here" Humphrey: "oh shit" Winston:"it's ok Kate he did it to protect you" Kate:" I know but" Humphrey:"it's ok he obviously wanted anda to live longer on this world" as he kissed her on the head.