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posted by lonewolf82
Ok so if your wondering what happened with my last series I basically ditched the idea and now I'm starting a new one hopefully this one will be better and I'll get lebih comments. Note that this series will be in my pov. Read my bio to learn lebih about my character.

God, am I hungry. I thought to myself as I walked alone thru the woods alone. "Huh? Who's there?" I sat for moment and listened closely to the sound of the birds. Then I mencium a wonderful smell, blood. Oh yeah I'm eating tonight! I thought as I slowly moved towards the smell. As I moved I heard a low growl coming from the dirrection that I was traveling in. Hmm must be a bear...but that's not beruang blood that I smell. I stayed hidden in the shadows as I moved faster towards the sound and smell. Suddenly I stopped as I saw the bear. I can take him, easily but what the hell is in his mouth? I stood still thinking about what it might be, all that I could see was a flash of white here and there flop around in the bears mouth. Is that a wolf? I crept closer and realized that yes it was infact a wolf. My pupils dilated and my bulu stood up, and I charged. I got inches away from the beruang when I jumped onto it and grabbed ahold of it's neck. Stubborn bastard aren't you? I thought as the beruang tried to shake me. After a couple menit I finally took it down. Once my eyes became normal and my bulu went down I went to go check on the white wolf. Good looks like anda still have a pulse, I berkata talking to the unconscious wolf. Pretty beaten up but I'm sure your pack will be here shortly. I felt drops on my head, looked up and it started pouring. Screw me I berkata outloud. I went over to the serigala picked her up and started to carry it back to my den. Tiny little thing aren't you, I asked the serigala but got no response. Once I got back to my sarang, den I put the serigala down in the back where is was nice and dry. Shit I'm still hungry maby there will be some small game left out. I left looking for food and found a tupai almost imeadiatley I picked it up and was heading back to my sarang, den when suddenly a pohon burst into flames. Wo! That was close. I berkata under my breath. Well there gies dinner, o well. I picked up a burning branch and took it back into my den. I hate rain I berkata as I walked into the den. The sarang, den lit up as I brought the api into it. Damn you're pretty jacked up but at the same time your so beautiful. As I berkata this I decided to make it my mission to get the serigala healthy again. I went back to the entrance of my sarang, den and curled around the api so that I could dry off. Still looking at the serigala I slowly dozed off. God am I hungry, were my last thoughts.

Hoped anda liked it! lebih to come. Comment.
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This is a different version of the LWK series, it has no relation to the original series. In this version we are anthros and Kate is my sister.

Hello, my name is Chris Ashton. I am a jet black serigala with yellow eyes. I have a silent bukit, hill tattoo on my right shoulder and I weigh 185 pounds. I am physicly fit and have a muscular build. I currently am 23 years old. This is the story of how I met my future wife, the super model, Katie. Heres how my story begins.

It was Friday night and I just walked in the door to my Condo/Villa for the evening. I had thought about going to get a bir somewhere...
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A furry's life part 2: Surf lessons    

The pantai was peaceful exccept for the commotion of the few that were there. Early birds always showed up just to hang out... Including my friend Jon who had the same idea of taking along his girlfriend Kate. It was so peaceful... Until I came booking it in here as afraid as a seventh grade boy at a school dance. Jon was beginning to set up shop. He owned a surf store. He always came oleh with Kate and let her toko about while he worked the shop. That way, he could spend time with her, while she has fun. I ran into the clearing and ignored...
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part1:2 years later! humphrey dies oleh a inmageary death.after he fougth for his life and suferd for his life and die for his mate kate.but humphrey berkata a few words before he died.and this is what ha said.kate kate if anda are out there please!take care of the pups for me."And that was the last words that he berkata to kate.and she berkata to him is.sleep tight my cinta sleep tight."she cryied and walked away.later in the evning she went and barried her once was husband in the bulan later kate once again found a new mate that is a lot like her husband humphrey.and she was happy once again.the end of part1.enjoy the sadness!read lebih on and omega/spots/articles
posted by Xscash232
 image for the first part outside steles kabin
image for the first part outside steles cabin
~ outside steele's master cabin~ Jenna sits looking in while steele is laying inside the warm cabin.
Jenna: Lucky steele that could be me laying selanjutnya to him
Balto: what do anda mean jenna

Jenna: Ahh! Balto anda scared me and it means nothing
its just i like steele in a way

Balto: Balto: jenna i have to admit that i cinta anda

Jenna: Jenna: balto i know but i have feelings for steele

Balto: don't anda realize we've known each other for lebih that a tahun and you've only known steele a bulan we know each other jenna we should be together

Balto begins to walk away depressed and keeps walking leaving Jenna...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
Ok, here is whats going to happen. For those who may get the wrong idea. Katie and I WILL get back together. I am not telling anda when where atau how its going to happen. This kind of reminds me of that movie "No Strings Attatched" with a seasoning of revenge on it. Kate and I are sex friends who only want their mates back. In order to get them back according to a plan oleh Kate, they must constantly have sex in order to make their mates, who are in a relationship with eachother out of anger, jealous and want them back.

The thunder continued to boom. Kate's howl echoed through the forest. My sobs...
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posted by VengeanceWolf
I stood there in shocked silence, gaping at what was taking place in front of me. I glanced to my right and saw Ronna's brothers, Armstrong and Lerbo, standing there with stupid grins on their faces.
They were all cheering me as I exited the cave.
"Lerbo, what is going on?" I growled, this sorta had me uptight, just shake it off and pindah on, I thought to myself.
The taller, lebih muscled serigala stepped meneruskan, ke depan and attempted to keep his smile under control.
"Im sorry sir, but the look on your face was great."
He grined again
"So what is going on?"
"Well, when anda sent Blake out, he told them to...
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posted by KateAlpha
Just Chill and chat about the well known and loved movie' alpha and omega! can't think of anything to chat about? Just make up a story about alpha and omega atau write down your idea of what anda would like alpha and omega 3 to be like!
What a feeling' I mean we all like making friends' but ever thought about making friends with Kate atau Humphrey?! Omg that would be awesome! Have fun alpha and omega fans!!! :D
posted by ThatDarnHippo
Dear Fans,

First of all, I think this movie looks very stupid and predictable.

Now that I have that covered, Please tell me what if I should change the icon atau banner. Give me some of your own that anda think fit better. Honestly, I like the banner because it shows (what little) emotion from the movie.

Even though I'm not an actual fan of this movie and I have no intentions to waste my money seeing it, I generously made this spot for those of anda who have a different opinion on this production.

My own opinion in detail (beware):
I have already expressed this on different spots - I just copied and...
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posted by Xero_Pyramid206
I Decided to go with the Left 4 Dead crossover. We need a good zombie story on here. I started a dead rising crossover back when I first joined, but It soon died and I moved on.

Hello, my name is Kate. This is the story of how me, my boyfriend, my sister, and my brother-in-law survived a living hell hole. I tell ya, it aint a pretty sight. If anda got a problem, anda can fuck off. Anyway, back to the story.

This whole thing started out on a normal day. I wake up in my apartment, have coffee, shower, get dressed, and go to a job I REALLY fucking hate. Im an accountant at some stupid insurance...
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