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posted by lonewolf82
Ok so if your wondering what happened with my last series I basically ditched the idea and now I'm starting a new one hopefully this one will be better and I'll get lebih comments. Note that this series will be in my pov. Read my bio to learn lebih about my character.

God, am I hungry. I thought to myself as I walked alone thru the woods alone. "Huh? Who's there?" I sat for moment and listened closely to the sound of the birds. Then I mencium a wonderful smell, blood. Oh yeah I'm eating tonight! I thought as I slowly moved towards the smell. As I moved I heard a low growl coming from the dirrection that I was traveling in. Hmm must be a bear...but that's not beruang blood that I smell. I stayed hidden in the shadows as I moved faster towards the sound and smell. Suddenly I stopped as I saw the bear. I can take him, easily but what the hell is in his mouth? I stood still thinking about what it might be, all that I could see was a flash of white here and there flop around in the bears mouth. Is that a wolf? I crept closer and realized that yes it was infact a wolf. My pupils dilated and my bulu stood up, and I charged. I got inches away from the beruang when I jumped onto it and grabbed ahold of it's neck. Stubborn bastard aren't you? I thought as the beruang tried to shake me. After a couple menit I finally took it down. Once my eyes became normal and my bulu went down I went to go check on the white wolf. Good looks like anda still have a pulse, I berkata talking to the unconscious wolf. Pretty beaten up but I'm sure your pack will be here shortly. I felt drops on my head, looked up and it started pouring. Screw me I berkata outloud. I went over to the serigala picked her up and started to carry it back to my den. Tiny little thing aren't you, I asked the serigala but got no response. Once I got back to my sarang, den I put the serigala down in the back where is was nice and dry. Shit I'm still hungry maby there will be some small game left out. I left looking for food and found a tupai almost imeadiatley I picked it up and was heading back to my sarang, den when suddenly a pohon burst into flames. Wo! That was close. I berkata under my breath. Well there gies dinner, o well. I picked up a burning branch and took it back into my den. I hate rain I berkata as I walked into the den. The sarang, den lit up as I brought the api into it. Damn you're pretty jacked up but at the same time your so beautiful. As I berkata this I decided to make it my mission to get the serigala healthy again. I went back to the entrance of my sarang, den and curled around the api so that I could dry off. Still looking at the serigala I slowly dozed off. God am I hungry, were my last thoughts.

Hoped anda liked it! lebih to come. Comment.
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Authors note: it may be a little sexual, but deal with it! I had no other ideas, and it fitts in perfectly!

Ugh...... I feel terrible. I was finally waking up. I was tied to a pohon hanging, stripped of everything! My knife, my shirt, my pants, my shoes, my socks, and my boxers! All my items were missing. Then I noticed, that I was surrounded oleh the whole pack! The alphas, betas, and omegas were all here surrounding and starring at my nude body. Damm- I amm soo embarrised. All the Girls were starring at my man hood! Damm! Even Kate, the girl I always had a crush on saw me in plain sight, while...
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posted by OfficalLilly
Chapter 3
She was starring at me like she loved my I was touched and she was very beautiful.But I had to marry Kate.I didnt want to though.I followed her she was very happy but also upset at the same time.She started to do some odd stuff though.
Lilly:"Wanna play something?"
"Uh sure, Sureades?"
Lilly:"Sure!Try to guess what I am."
She laid on her back and acted dead I stared at her confused though.
Lilly:"Give up?"
Lilly:"Im a roadkilled turtle!"
I laughed. She was so cute.But it was my turn.
"Wanna learn how to pounce?"I asked quietly.
Lilly:"Ok!"She berkata loudly.
I stepped on the log,she...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
After clearing up that fight with Lilly and Garth, which involved a berry-eating tupai and Reba the vegetarian, Akita and Delneco were under the impression that their work was done for the day.
They couldn't be lebih wrong.
"Hey, Deke, I'll meet anda at the Moonlight Howl, alright, brother?" Akita said, still giggling from how they they helped Garth out. "I've got some stuff to take care of."
Deke shot him a curious look, but didn't push the issue. Akita would tell him when he was ready.
"That's cool, bro. Just be careful, alright?" he berkata to Akita.
Akita nodded back at him, and Delneco trotted...
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Well, guys, since the first chapter fell so great In the prices, here's the detik chapter, enjoy;

Chapter 2: The nightmare evolves.

Balto and Ewan were sitting at the api in Jenna's house. "Ewan, anda where going to tell who Martin is and what he atau it have do do with Jenna?" Balto said. "Well, err, I don't know how to start, but I.....wait I do know again. Balto, do anda know my father Barrow?" "Err, yes. Isn’t it that big husky where Jenna always could come when she was sad?" "Yes, he is, atau if I can better say, was. He died just two years after she was born."


It was an stormy night...
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posted by Red_Pyramid206
I decided to rewrite this chapter because it was originally too rushed and I left great detail out. Plus Katie made me do it.

Hi, my name is Chris. I work for an architecture company and am well paid. I live in my own house across the jalan, street from my two best friends, Jon and Kate. My friend Colby and his mate Scar live down the road. Sweets and Artic live around the corner. Brandon and Lilly live selanjutnya door. Uriah and Humphrey are selanjutnya to Jon and Kate. It was nice to have my friends close. But the one thing that made me different was that I was alone, single. Everyone else had someone to love...
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Three weeks later. Humphrey's POV

I got up and walked outside with Garth careful so as not to wake up Kate. We went outside the sarang, den and started talking. We were talking about what the pups would be like.
"As long as mine get my good looks I'm alright." I laughed. Garth laughed right alongside. I then asked him this. "Garth could anda teach me how to hunt?" I asked him.
"Sure I can." He said. We then went off to the hunting grounds. We stayed there for a while and I got to kill my first caribou. Me and Garth then dragged it back to the den. I walked to get Kate. When she saw me she growled and snarled....
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posted by lillyomegawolf1
Authors Note: This isn't just a tribute to Lilly and Garth, this artikel is for my mate Garth123. I cinta anda soo much! <3

I was walking around, minding my own business. And thats when I met him. the cute and hott Garth. I went over to talk to him. I said, "Hi, my names Lilly. And your. . ." "Garth. My names Garth. Your cute Lilly." he told me. As we were talking I began to blush. "He Lilly, would you, uh, like to be my girlfriend?" he asked me.

"Sure." I told him, and he kissed me. We kept walking, and we came into a field of flowers. The bunga and rumput were as big as we were, so I ducked...
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posted by alphawolf13
Chapter Two: There's A Hunter About

Humphrey couldn't sleep that night. That graphic image of Kate dying was burned into his mind, and he just couldn't shake it off. It seemed so real. Humphrey kept thinking. Humphrey looked over at Kate, who was waking up, she yawned and stretched out.

"Morning Humphrey." Kate greeted him.

"Morning Kate." Humphrey greeted back.

"It's rare that you're up this early, normally it's me who wakes anda up." Kate said.

Should I tell her about that nightmare? Nah, it might upset her. I don't want to do that.

"Well, I had a bad dream." Humphrey told her.

"What happened?"...
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It was early sunday morning and jon got up feeling kinda depressed about killing Riley but he had to just then his mother got up and she wasn't to happy she hadn't slept well last night and jon knew that so he kept his mouth shut then his dad got up and berkata 'Hows my loving family doing this morning?' and jon replied 'I'm good' and kate just grumbled and humphrey took it like a good and he left for his selanjutnya rap recording he was glad that his family was finnaly aman, brankas but when he got to the rap studio he started his recording and when he finished he went halaman awal in his audiR8 and as he drove up...
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