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rank the worst scenes in the A&O franchise

 TimberHumphrey posted ·11 bulan yang lalu
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SentinelPrime89 said:
5. Moonlight Howl dance “A&O 2010”
4. 90% of A&O 3
3. 90% of A&O 8
2. 100% of A&O 6
1. Brent’s piss song
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posted ·11 bulan yang lalu 
HumphreyWolfMan said:
#1 Some of the "realistic" things reminding me of real life wolves.
#2 Humphrey complaining about Kate's open adventure swinging risk.
#3 Some land looking like low render model you're supposed to see from a distance in a PS3 game.
#4 The lack of anthropomorphism.
#5 The simple ending.
#6 Humphrey's personality being abused oleh him being angry all the time.
#7 Don't know.
#8 About half the movie being focused on non-adult wolves.
#9 The part where Runt became friends with Mickey mouse and the whole movie being focused on that only.
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posted ·11 bulan yang lalu 
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