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so, even though "Alpha and Omega 2" still has a 58% rating, i been hearing people hating on the ending. and i been thinking why so much hate. i mean, i know it's your opinion, but c'mon! no, it's not as bad as anda say.
the movie ends with Kate, Humphrey and the anak anjing getting trapped oleh the winter, so they spend the night at the souvenir shop/gas station from the first movie. now, everybody's being going nuts about this ending. some people are calling it the worst ending ever made, and they're even giving the ending 0/10 ratings. but i'm here to set the record straight: is the ending as bad...
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posted by TimberHumphrey
so, "Alpha and Omega" was awesome, hilarious, sweet, emotional and secara keseluruhan, keseluruhan a fantastic movie. now, that the awesome sequel came out in October, let's review it! i'm really happy it was made.
"Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure". alright, so y'all know this: i'm a huge "Alpha and Omega" fanatic, i cinta this first movie, it was amazing and it had everything i was looking for. i don't give a shit what others say, as long as i cinta this movie, that's what matters. and finally, in October we get the sequel we always been waiting for. so in "Alpha and Omega 2", we get to see Kate and Humphrey...
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well, as we all know, "Alpha and Omega 2" got mixed to positive reviews, with critics saying it's an improvement over the first movie (in terms of story, script, character depth, voice acting, humor and heartwarming scenes). The movie currently has a 59% rating in Rotten Tomatoes (9 good reviews, 7 bad reviews) and some critics even berkata it's one of the best straight-to-DVD sequels out there.
i do agree with most of that (and i gotta say again, i absolutely loved Alpha and Omega 2), but i can't say it's a 100% improvement over the first movie. i mean yeah, the jokes are funnier; there are a...
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This movie is cool but I think they need to improve on the animasi a bit lebih I'm not trying to be mean but it could use some work the pups need a better desain but their cute tho if anda look closely in the movie it needs a little lebih work the voice akting is Good they got the timing just right it got a little boring after a while but it was interesting and cool the New characters are cool the plot is a natal like plot I have a feeling this should have been released in December then October because its a natal like movie this is a short review tho I did enjoy the movie The rating I'd give it is 3 stars they as a least tried to make it sound exciting I'm hoping they improve in the selanjutnya 2 film and I also have these interesting dreams about the movie if you'd like to hear them kotak masuk me.
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