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This alice in wonderland (2010) foto might contain lippizan, lipizzan, lippizaner, and lipizza.

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Peter's Evil Overlord List was compiled in 1994 oleh Peter Anspach as a daftar of things that one should and should not do if they become an evil overlord. The daftar can be found here: link

So how does the Red queen measure up? Not very well actually. I have compiled the following daftar of all the things in the Evil Overlord daftar that she did wrong atau didn't do at all.


3. My noble half-brother whose takhta I usurped will be killed, not kept anonymously imprisoned in a forgotten cell of my dungeon. I’m scratching my head at why she didn’t just get rid of Mirana once and for all.

10. I will...
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Heya Frizzhead Here

I decided we needed something to get all the fan really excited....what better than a bit of competition!!
In this case an icon and caption contest.

^ all entries must be completely your own ^

***Caption Contest***

A screencap called "Caption Contest" will be uploaded and in the soapbox below put one caption (the wittier the better) below and 2 other judges and i will pick the winner

***Icon Contest***

A forum will be set up called "icon contest" and anda simply post one of your best icon there in the soapbox(the lebih original the better)and 2 other judges and i will pick the...
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