Well, I wanted to say I know now why my sister thought Alice was good looking.

I was into Freddy. She never understood why, she musta been crazy, his stage presence.

Alice electric on stage don't know how do all those concerts.

Maybe come back to Canada? I would take my sister.

it's a mixture of things that I like Alice.

Because, because, because.

We are not aliens per say, Don't want to get aniletical atau specific on anda but anda know we came here from somewhere else. Kinda mencuri it from the dinasours. Now it is our turn.
Did anda know Mars used to be a water planet?

Not that I want to freak out kind humans just that this site told me to write lebih atau I cannot tell Alice he is cute.
And does anybody get tired of hearing they are cute?

Here's to you! And you....you too.