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spirited_away posted on Sep 20, 2009 at 01:39PM
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OK, so to try and encourage a little more spot participation on here, I'm posting a game :)
If you want to join in, go right ahead! The more the merrier, else it'll just be me playing by myself, and that would be no fun! :(

so here's how to play.
Someone will post a letter of the alphabet (the next consecutive letter after the previous person, as in A, B, C, D etc) and a word must be put next to it beginning with that letter. But it must have something to do with our dear Mr. Rickman.
For example, I may post the letter D, and next to it I could post the words 'Die hard'.
Next person posts the letter E, and so on.

So I will start:

A: Alan (an obvious one, I know!)
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