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This is a multiplayer zombie fighting survival game where all the survivors must work as a team to survive...

Beta players will start with few items they had before due to storyline

-Everyone can join!
Please gabung at the link
If anda played the beta of this game before... anda still have to introduce yourself...

The story takes place in post-apocalyptic Earth. The story will live on after we start playing...

Yes there will be lebih survivors... and I will play their role... people are most likely to gabung our team if we are successful

for example:
continue reading...
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It was May 28,I got banned oleh shippers who are some dark seeking admins,Then I checked my Yahoo account,It still got an weird notification oleh "Jonathan Frank Perez" that berkata "Banned"...

Two months later...

I missed the group,I searched groups to gabung in,I joined 4 land of ooo groups,then I searched in the internet for klub and etc...... Then the magic happens...

Something popped on my screen and I clicked it,It ses "Fanpop" so I made an account.Then my eyes let up and saw achievements,you can be fan of someone and anda can gabung never ending clubs.

These days,I always visit this website.
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