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This adventure time with finn and jake fan art might contain anime, komik, manga, and kartun.

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Uh I know everybody is hating on FP but I don't see why, she is only doing what she thought was right. The idea here is Flame King is a terrible ruler he locked his only daughter in a fucking lamp for most of her life, he didn't give a damn if she had problems with her powers, I would actually try to help her like a normal parent and actually be decent, and that's why Flame Kingdom is in a terrible position because he didn't care enough to help his daughter so blame Flame King for all of this! He is a terrible flame elemental he's the reason Flame Princess has childhood trauma!
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Just saying that for such a good tampil with so many fan their are only a hand full of people who actually are active on this site :( which I think is a real shame:/ (these people will know who I'm talking about..) Not saying that everyone has to be so in your face with forum and balasa 'cause everyones different and some people don't feel so passionate about the cartoon I love. What I'm trying to say is that this site hasn't got much spirit although it should be truly legendary!! and I take my hat off to the few people keeping it alive! :D

Thanks for reading
Raymanthelegendary a.k.a. Josh
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