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 Finn and Ice queen
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Awesome, if this gets to the Intro... Dubstep + Adventure Time
I find this video,but I didn't make this.
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(PB is at the permen Kingdom staring at her amulet)
Princess Bubblegum: How can Flame Princess remember me when I told her dad to lock her up?
(Peppermint Butler walks in)
Princess Bubblegum: What now Peps!
Peppermint Butler: Finn and Jake requested to see you
Princess Bubblegum: Tell them I'm on my way
Peppermint Butler: Okay
(Princess Bubblegum is walking to the pohon house when Flame Princess is in her way)
Princess Bubblegum: Excuse me Flame Princess
Flame Princess: Wait a menit princess let's talk how are anda alive when I was locked in that lantern
Princess Bubblegum: Fine I will tell don't tell anyone not even Finn and Jake! Okay I'm old
Flame Princess: You're old! How old
Princess Bubblegum: Older than anda think
Finn: hey guys!
Princess Bubblegum: Um um I got to go… Morrow!
( The giant bird takes her to the permen Kingdom)
Finn: What was that about
Flame Princess: Uh…
Part 2 coming soon give me some ideas!