aaliyah album released in 2001
"We wanted to get it out before 2000 was over, but I couldn't finish it. I wanted to put a lot of time into it. I wanted it to be the best."

"It still has my signature style, but lebih of a rock flair to it. I feel each song has something anda don't normally hear today. "

"Just think about love. Most songs are about love. I got happy and sad cinta songs together."

"I decided to self judul this album Aaliyah, and I wanted to do that cause my name is Arabic and it has a beautiful meaning. It means the highest, most exalted one, the best, and I want the name to carry through the project. Its different from the last LPs because, its, I'm older, anda know, I'm lebih mature, and I think that very evident on the album. So it really showcases Aaliyah, and who she is right now."

"Now that I'm older, I mean that I'm an adult now, and I want that to tampil through on the album. So my writers and that, we talk, anda know, they ask me how am I feeling, just as a person, anda know this point in my life, the things I want to talk about, and they incorporate what I told them.. in the lyrics."

forever in our hearts: always smiling, friendly. We cinta anda aaliyah <3