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 Some Dyr pictures
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Source: tumblr ;) AREN'T THEY SEXY???!?!!
From my drabbles. For those of anda who don't know who Cyr and Damon Fizzy are, here are some pics.
damon fizzy
Prologue is link.
Two weeks earlier.
A bow clattered to the hardwood floor, skidding to a stop in a patch of golden afternoon sunlight that reflected a blinding glare off of the metal. “No!” the dark-haired girl groaned, digging her fingers into her scalp in frustration. “How many times have I told you, that’s not how anda hold it!”
Aisling didn’t respond, but shoved her hands in her pockets and crossed the training room to pick up her bow. Fin jogged over, wrenching the instrument out of her friend’s fingertips. “You’re going to snap it if anda do that,”...
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Here it is, Chasing Shadows! Oh and I suggest anda read Knights link and link) first, atau else this part won't make sense. And this takes place in the current timeline (as in right now, February 2013) whereas Knights was when I originally diposting it on the other club (so June atau July of 2012). Just thought I'd clarify.
She was in the third bed, sitting up propped on her good elbow, the other arm in a pengumban, sling resting on her chest. She gave a faint smile as he approached the only occupied infirmary bed, her soft turquoise eyes meeting his icy gray ones. “How are you...
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They say things change for the best. I don't really understand why there is a need for change. Some things are better left unchanged in my opinion. I liked the life I once had. Living in my apartment, not having a care in the world, only supporting myself, and my lady at the moment. I could adapt to any change……or at least I thought I could.
    Ava came to me on natal Eve and told me that she was pregnant with my future baby. Well, what could I say? "There must be a mistake….I always use protection. Are anda sure I'm the father? Must anda keep it?" Of course I...
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A trailer I made a bulan atau so yang lalu for Chasing Shadows (my new story)! Pretend it says February instead of January, as I made it originally for the Young Justice OC's club and it was diposting on there in January. ...yay.
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chasing shadows
A/N: This is part 2 of my old fic. Posting it here 'cuz anda lovely peeps need some background for Chasing Shadows. Part one is link. Warning: Implied rape and sexual-ness. So this is T I guess (because it doesn't actually go into the details)? *shrug*
When she woke, all she saw was blazing light. Was she dead? she wondered. Was this heaven? But her head still throbbed, although not as strongly as before, and she didn’t think that would happen if she was really in heaven. She groaned...her chest felt tight, as if someone was sitting on it...was someone sitting on...
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