Rene Sleeping
She awoke from her sleep hearing a scream from a room. Quickly, the red head jumped out of tempat tidur and went into the living room, seeing Amara curled up in a ball on the couch. Rene walked over to her, sat down, and pet her head.

    “Amara sweetie, what’s wrong,” she said, her voice sounding half asleep. The black haired girl answered quietly.

    “Daddy… he was gonna…” her voice trailed off, not finishing her sentence; but Rene knew what she was going to say.

    “He wouldn’t jump off honey,” the red head berkata with kindness in her voice,” He loves anda too much.” Amara smiled up at her, and she smiled back. Rene grabbed a blanket and pulled it over the girl.

    “Why don’t anda get some lebih sleep sweetie? anda don’t need to be up at,” she looks at the clock, “6:30 in the morning.”

    “Okay aunty Rene,” Amara said, giggling softly as she fell asleep. Rene pet her head, waiting for the small girl to fall back asleep. She smiled and got up, making sure not to rock the dipan, sofa too much. Quietly, Rene went back into her room to change and get back to being a slave, before she got in trouble. She changed into the crappiest clothing she could find. Ripped up jeans, an oversized stained t-shirt, and old mud covered sneakers, perfect for a hari of slavery. The red head sighed, went over and kissed Amara’s forehead, and teleported off.
    The red haired girl fell onto the floor, hands covered in blood, shaking.

    “Don’t anda dare make me do that again anda asshole!” She screamed at Blood River. He gave her a serious look.

    “You will do as I say,” he said, holding the button, “or I might just have to shock anda again, for the 3rd time today.”

    “You wouldn’t want to shock your little jester now would you?” Rene berkata in the kindest way she could. He gave a small smile.

    “If my jester continues to act this way, then I will be forced to.” She growled, resisting the urge to attack him. Her body shook slightly as she got up and walked away from him.

    “Fuck off Blood River,” Rene mumbled, trying to make it so he couldn’t hear; but he did. Blood River pressed the button on his remote, shocking the red head. Her eyes widened, her body trembling as she fell onto the floor, her breath shortened slightly from the abrupt shock. Blood River frowned.

    “I though anda would have learned oleh now to be a little bit nicer; but I guess I was wrong.” Her red hair hung in front of her face, her face still pointed at the ground.

    “Why should I be nice to you, I mean, seeing you’re the fucking jerk here…” Rene said, almost out of breath. He shook his head.

    “I guess slaves never change…” She does a small eyeroll and stands up, facing him.

    “May I please go now? I have other responsibilities outside of this hell hole.” Blood River nodded and berkata nothing else.

    “Well then, adios loser.” And she teleported off before he could say another word.
    “Come on! Stop it!” The red head berkata while she was laughing. He kept tickling her.

    “Well, what do I get if I stop? Twan berkata playfully. Rene continued to laugh.

    “Maybe… you’ll get a kiss…”

    “I want to be paid upfront please,” he said, tickling her less.

    “Okay, just stop tickling me!” He slowly stopped tickling her. Rene gave him a soft ciuman on Twan cheek. He smiled at her, holding the red head close. He whispered in her ear.

    “I cinta anda gorgeous.” Rene giggled.

    “I cinta anda too handsome.” She said, sitting in her boyfriend’s lap. Twan stroked her hair, humming softly to himself. Rene leaned back, resting her head on his shoulder, her arms wrapped around his neck. He blew softly into her ear, making the bubbly girl giggle. Twan wrapped an arm around her, holding the red haired girl closer to him. Rene smiled, her eyelids heavy. They closed as she fell asleep in his arms, her head still on his shoulder.
    He tried to slide off the building, but she grabbed his arm before anda could. Rene shook her head.    

    “You promised me anda wouldn’t slide off, unless anda want me to slide off as well.” The grey eyed boy looked down, his kap, hood covering his face. The red head looked at him, tilting her head.

    “What are anda hiding?”

    “Hm?” Bentley said, not looking up. Rene pulled his kap, hood off, trying to look at his face.

    “Please look at me dude…” she berkata pleadingly. The black haired boy sighed and looked at her, revealing a black eye on his right eye. Slowly, she placed her hand on his black eyes, making the black and blue mark fade away, healing it. The brown eyed girl took her hand off his eyes and smiled at him, hoping to make him a little lebih cheerful; but he just looked back down at the jalan, street below. Rene sighed and gave him a big hug, trying her best to make him happier. Bentley’s eyes widened, surprised from her hug; and he just sat there, continuing to look down. The girl sighed and let go, look out at the beautiful sunset.

    “Hey Bent,” Rene said. He looked at her, the girl still looking at the sunset. “You know if anda slide off, a lot of people are going to miss you…”

    “Like who…?” He said, sadness in his voice.

    “Your daughter, Mercy, me, Silver…” her voice trailed off. He sighed.

    “Silver isn’t here,” he paused, “she wouldn’t care if I was gone.” Rene shook her head.

    “She would,” she berkata softly, “you just don’t think she will.” Bentley stayed silent, looking down at the street. The two off them sat there in silence, staring down at the city.

    “Don’t be so sad Bent. anda know she loves you…” He sighed, not saying a word.

    “And anda know I’m ri-“She sat there, eyes wide, mouth wide open. He looked up at her, eyes wide.

    “Rene?” A voice behind her laughed.

    “Looks like I finally got the little girl,” he said. Bentley turned around, seeing Joker, and a pisau covered in blood. There was a pisau stab going through Rene’s heart, bleeding out. The red heads body was limp, almost falling off the building; but Bentley grabbed her. The Joker laughed and ran away, disappearing into the distance. The grey eyed boy sat there in shock, holding her blood covered body. He got up, gently threw the red heads body over his shoulder, and climbed down the api escape.