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It’s been announced that 4minute‘s Gayoon will be making a short appearance as actress Lee Ji Ah‘s friend on ‘I’m a bunga Too‘!

On Octobe 18th, a sumber revealed that Gayoon finished filming her cameo as a high school student, who was a childhood friend of Cha Bong Sun (played oleh Lee Ji Ah), on October 16th.

The sumber stated, “During scenes such as taking the college entrance exams, she was able to successfully pull off akting that was short but impactful.”

Although it was only a short cameo appearance, viewers are curious to see Gayoon making her first akting debut.

Her fellow...
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During a baru saja filming for E Channel’s ‘4minute’s Mr. Teacher‘, the girls were leaving Incheon International Airport for Malaysia. On this day, 4minute members’ airport fashion has captured interest.

Jihyun wore a floral-patterned dress with a red cardigan, and Jiyoon showed her charisma with gray jumpers and sunglasses. Sohyun sported a cardigan, while HyunA had a gray scarf with red and white decorations. Gayoon also exhibited her edgy fashion with her baggy pants.

Additionally, 4minute’s passport foto were revealed for the first time. In particular, Jihyun’s fresh face has garnered attention.

This episode will be aired on January 26th.
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4minute seems to be doing pretty well these days. They have been featured on Amerie’s upcoming track, burned up the Philippines and have now had the honor of meeting the world bintang Rihanna.

Rihanna visited Korea to promote her album Rated R. While in Korea, she met 4minute at interview with an entertainment news program. If anda have been living in a hole for the past few years and don’t know who rihanna is, let me tell you. She’s an A-list singer with seven Grammy’s under her sabuk that was discovered oleh jay z and has had over seven chart topping hits, including Shut Up and Drive, Please...
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