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A picture recently diposting oleh TATIST gave a crystal clear view of 4minute’s HyunA’s tattoo dedicated to her mother!

TATIST is a populer destination among many artis looking to get inked. Among their pool of famous clients, they have catered to the likes of JYJ’s Jaejoong and Yoochun, actor Lee Yong Woo, and many more.

HyunA’s tattoo is placed on her left shoulder blade, and it runs to the bottom nape of her neck. It reads, “My mother is the heart, that keeps me alive”, and is surrounded oleh four stars. Although she hasn’t discussed her tattoo publicly, we assume that it represents her close relationship with her mother.
“These cuties!”

4minute member hyuna has garnered attention oleh posting a cute foto she took with another group member, Sohyun.

hyuna diposting this foto with the caption, “Interview interview interview, when they’re finished, musik program musik program! Puffy faces… I wonder if they’ll come back to normal around evening?”

In the photo, hyuna produced cuteness oleh blowing air into her cheeks, and the two opened their eyes roundly and proved they were worthy of the ‘Goddess of Selca’ judul with their various poses.

Upon seeing this, netizens reacted with komentar like, “Can’t tell who’s the older and younger one!”, “How can they both be so pretty”, and “Cute! Black hair completely suits Hyuna”.
The ladies of 4minute have been quite busy lately with overseas activities! After nabbing the hearts of Japanese fan and spectators at a baru saja fashion and musik event “Girls’ Award 2010” and taking part in Chuseok related events, the girls are ready to look absolutely stunning for the cameras in the October issue of Ceci magazine.

While we all wait patiently for the group’s 3rd album tentative release in October, they’ve appeased the wait with this hot and simple spread for the fashion magazine. For this spread, the girls are seen in stylish and casual outfits, posing prettily for the camera with dogs. Here’s just a sneak peak of what’s to come in the upcoming issue!
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foto of 4minute’s manager are circulating around a number of Korean forum and boards, with many complimenting his celebrity-like good looks, some are even saying that he is wasting his "talents" oleh being a manager.

Netizens commented, “Wow, not bad!”, “I would have believed it if he was a bintang who was part of the agency, not a manager,” and “I hope the girls don’t fall for him.”

I personally think, he is hot and probably but his good looks to use and become a model, what do anda think?
Departing from her usual sexy image, 4minute’s HyunA uploaded selcas that showed off her cute charms.

On August 23rd, HyunA tweeted, “In the middle of konser practice. It’s not pretty, but it’s to commemorate the finding of my Twitter password.”

In the picture, HyunA is seen hugging a oversized, berwarna merah muda, merah muda bunny doll while looking into the camera without any make-up. fan raved over this display of HyunA’s softer side, saying, “HyunA possesses a variety of charms. She’s really pretty” and “Is this really the sexy HyunA we see on stage?”
The sexy ladies of 4minute recently took part in a photoshoot with “CECI” magazine from the set of their upcoming musik video! The members also shared some deep thoughts on their careers and on each other.

Check it out below!


Jun Ji Yoon: “When anda receive attention from the public, it’s inevitable that there are times when anda become the center of gossip and hate. In the face of such hate, our members decided to take it all in with modesty, and tampil our improvements in return.

Still, we were quite hurt; komentar that judged our musical qualities as ‘poor’ drove daggers into our hearts....
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4minute’s Jun Jiyoon has just announced that she will be joining the cast of KBS’s idol musik show, “Immortal Song 2“.

Because SECRET member Song Ji Eun is temporarily withdrawing from the show, Jiyoon will be akting as her replacement. PD Kwon Jae Young explained her leave with, “SECRET has Japanese promotions scheduled for July so she was set to leave the tampil from the start. She will be returning around September once her Japanese promotions are finished.”

The PD then went to explain why the program chose 4minute’s Jiyoon, ”Jun Jiyoon gives the feel of a hidden gem in 4minute.” Because the program aims to dispel the stereotypes surrounding idol singers, the PD felt that Jiyoon was the perfect match as a new addition.

Jiyoon will begin filming for the tampil on June 27th.
The Girl group 4minute will be focusing on their Japanese promotions after member HyunA wraps up her solo promotions in Korea.

Cube Entertainment announced on June 27th, “On August 24th, 4minute will release a Japanese version of “Heart 2 Heart” and jump straight into Japanese promotions for it."

They continued, “In the beginning of July, HyunA will start promoting her solo album. She will be working on both things at once.”

They will look to spread their hits in jepang this summer.
4minute announced the release of their first Japanese single of 2011, “WHY“, just under two weeks ago, and a little while after that announcement, they revealed a 45-second cuplikan of the track.

Just recently, the group revealed the album covers and tracklists for the three versions of the single. As previously covered, it will come in two limited editions and one normal edition. The limited editions (A & B) will contain a DVD with some combination of a PV, behind-the-scenes footage, live footage, and a trading card. The normal edition (C) will just come with a trading card, of which...
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4minute’s comeback has been earning endless headlines for their ’spread leg dance’ in “Mirror Mirror“, which many believe is too provocative to be performed on TV.

As the controversy continues to escalate, representatives of Cube Entertainment took the time to clarify the matter through bintang News:

“It is not a provocative dance performance, but rather a form of expression.

It was our adaptation of the expression, ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?’ This can be seen in the members’ gaze and facial expressions – all of which are an expression of the...
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On 4minute’s album jaket for their third Japanese single “FIRST” and “DREAMS COME TRUE“, something seems to be a bit off.

In the photo, there seems to be two HyunAs: the girl in the middle and the one on the far left both look exactly like HyunA.

Maknae Sohyun seems to be missing from the photo. It may be the photoshopping’s fault but none of them look anything like Sohyun.

The foto was released about a week ago, but fan have realized the photo’s flaw recently.

What do anda guys think?
4minute’s maknae Kwon Sohyun stunned the public when she revealed that she originally debuted with an young girl group called ‘Orange‘.

Orange originally debuted back in 2005, and was comprised of grade school girls.

While guesting on Mnet’s musik talk show, ‘Beatles Code’, Sohyun confessed that she entered the musik industry when she was in 5th grade, at the age of 12.

Unfortunately, she gave up halfway because of the pain she experienced due to harsh criticisms.

She said, “I tried not to become a singer. Since it was a primary school girl group, the envy and jealousy of my classmates...
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Following their hot performance at the Korean musik Festival 2011, 4minute took a break from their busy schedules to enjoy the warm California sun. Members Sohyun and HyunA checked in with fan oleh posting foto on their respective Twitter accounts.

On May 2nd, Sohyun tweeted,

“After our US excursion~ we’re returning to the hotel ♥ It’s 12:30AM here ♥”

Really really tasty~~~ In-N-Out burger shop~~!♥ I want to eat it again~♥ How is it that all 5 of our hands are in different directions? keke“

Soon after HyunA tweeted,

“New experiences ~~ So so so interesting that there are so many!..♥ I also ate a very very tasty burger today ㅠ ㅠ!!!“

fan commented, “Hope you’re having some fun~ ^_^” “In-N-Out. O.o” and “Aww. So Cute ♥”
4minute’s variety show, “4minute’s Mr. Teacher” finally aired its pilot episode through E Channel on January 19th.

The tampil aims to bring in ‘pretty-boy teachers’ from different countries in order to tutor 4minute on foreign languages and cultures. Ultimately, the goal is to help them with their overseas advancements.

Their first episode had the girls walking the red carpet in pyjamas – did we mention it was in negative degree weather? The ladies of 4minute had to perfect their poses and deliver an impressive performance in freezing temperatures, but it seems that they managed to...
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After releasing a statement earlier to defend their argument in keeping 4minute’s ’spread leg dance’ in ‘Mirror Mirror’, Cube Entertainment came forth again to state that they are open to considering the modification of the choreography due to viewers feeling uncomfortable.

On April 11th, Cube Entertainment’s Hong Seung Sung CEO expressed, “In the perspective of the company atau the singer, we don’t believe that the dance of ‘Mirror Mirror’ is provocative at all.”

“The dance for “Mirror Mirror” was created to match the general mood of the song itself. With that being said, we still believe that the dance for this song is not provocative, but if many viewers and netizens have a different opinion, however disappointing, we will seriously consider modifying the dance moves.”
After steaming up the musik scene with “Change” last year, 4minute’s fierce HyunA is back and ready to release her first solo mini-album!

allkpop has just received word from CUBE Entertainment that two new jaket foto have been unveiled today for HyunA’s mini-album. The jaket foto will be displayed on televisi monitors inside the nationwide convenience store chain, GS25. The chain has over 5000 outlets in the country. According to the press release, the displays were timed to coincide with the morning rush hour.

In the first picture, HyunA can be seen tampilkan off her pure white skin in a swimsuit, holding a baseball and chewing bubble gum. She makes a dramatic transformation for the detik photo, and the 4minute member can be seen proudly displaying her mysterious tattoo and striking a fierce look at the camera.

HyunA first made waves last January with her first debut single, “Change”. The 20-year-old rising star’s new mini-album will be unleashed on July 5th.
After Cube Entertainment announced the disbandment of the South Korean 4Minute after unsuccessful contract renewal negotiation with the majority of the members in 2016, The 4Minute from the United States are returning, that now consists of Summer Beale, Marissa Michaela, Madison Clements, Nikki Elizabeth, and Abby Cates. They will go to NYC in the summer, the group will continue making their EPs.

Their first U.S. and eighth EP is going to be "This is Us", featuring the US version of "What's Your Name?" The 2 singles in the EP are "This is Us" and "What's Your Name? (U.S. Version).
 Left to Right: Summer, Madison, Marissa, Nikki, Abby
Left to Right: Summer, Madison, Marissa, Nikki, Abby
Idol groups B2ST and 4minute were recently spotted at Gimpo airport, as they headed for the United Cube konser in Japan. The tampil will be held at the Budokan in Tokyo on August 25th.

The artists from Cube Entertainment will also be the first Korean singers to perform in London’s Wimbledon Arena on November 19th.

United Cube Concerts are different from other idol shows, because they are held lebih like festivals than large-scale concerts. Concertgoers can expect to see performances from 4minute, B2ST, G.NA and other members of the Cube Entertainment family.

Doojoon and G.NA will leave on a later flight due to other schedules.
4minute’s HyunA has announced that she has plans to go abroad after her current promotional activities. She released her first solo mini album last July and recently concluded promotions for “Bubble Pop” and “Just Follow.”

HyunA said, “Time went oleh so fast. I still can’t believe that the activities of my first solo album are already over.” She continued, “Despite it being so short, I’m very happy that I was able to tampil a new side of me and was able to end my activities well thanks to many fans.”

The young bintang also berkata that she looks meneruskan, ke depan to working with the other members...
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On June 18th, 4minute’s maknae Sohyun left a post on their official fancafe celebrating the group’s detik anniversary.

Her post read:

“Two years have already passed since 4minute debuted. There’s been a lot of obstacles since then, but it was because of our fan that we were able to find strength.

This album was our first in a while so we were under a lot of stress, which naturally affected our health. Our fans’ support was a lot of help, so even though we didn’t promote for a long time, it was a really fun album for us.

There are fan that are upset over our short promotion cycle,...
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