Leo's Theme Song

I OWN NOTHING! All rights go to Kelly Clarkson and the creator of this video! Again I had a little trouble finding the perfect dong for him. I told my brother what song I picked and he thought I was joking. But I think this DOES fit him.
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KatieK102 said:
I never got to post this in my link because I ran out of room:
I think this song DOES fit him. While others might fit him better, this DOES fit him.

Because everything and anything that the world seems to throw at Leo and his brothers, no matter how close it comes to killing them, they always end up alive and always end up stronger. And if you want to, then throw Karai into it. 'Didn;t think that I'd come back, I'd come back swinging' She did indeed break his heart, but he still came back. Better then ever.

So please think about that before you give me all the songs you think would have been SO much better ;)
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leorocks said:
the song fits leo great
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Agreed! But... LOL! This song is where I got my motto from!
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