These are all from the 2012 series!

Raphael: anda don’t flirt with the enemy Leo. anda take them down!

Donatello: Snake turned into a weed!
Michelangelo: Funny. You’d think he’d turn into a snake.
Raphael: Yea anda would. If anda were an IDIOT!
Michelangelo: But his name is snake…
Raphael: SO?
Michelangelo: anda don’t understand science.

Donatello: Gentlemen, and Raphael

Donatello: I give you, the future of ninjutsu!
Raphael: I always thought the future of ninjutsu would be taller.

Donatello: I can’t keep fighting alien technology with a six foot staff.
Splinter: Hmmm…. A seven staff… Interesting.
Donnie: No, I meant using modern technology.
Splinter: Ahhhh… A solar powered staff.
Donnie: I’m serious sensei.

Donatello: Booyakasha!!
Michelangelo: Sounds weird when he says it..
Raphael: Sounds weird when anda say it!

Donatello: hey Raph, how's it feel to be beaten oleh a toaster?

Michelangelo: Burn!
Donatello: Yea. I thought that was good!
Michelangelo: No! BURN! *Points at Kraang*
Donatello: Oh! Sorry!

Michelangelo: Face it dude. anda can't take the flip otta Doctor FLIPENSTEIN!
Donatello: I don't even know what that means!

Leonardo: Alright Mighty Mutants!
Raphael: Mighty Mutants? What, Dancing dorks was already taken?

Leonardo: We are the turtles of justice!
Raphael: Wow! I mean... wow!

Leonardo: Hault villain!
Raphael: 'Hault villain'? When did we start talking like that?
Leonardo: Were heros... thats how heros talk

Donatello: What's he doing?
Michelangelo: He keeps telling me I'm the smartest person he knows!
Donatello: OK, OK, he's dilousniol!

Leonardo: anda can;t just attack someone because they look weird. He could just be on his way to... church?
Raphael: What kind of church needs powered battle armor?
Michelangelo: A really AWESOME one!


That;s all for now! Post a quote if anda want me to add it!