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posted by zendayathorn
ok i have loved zendaya ever since she was first noticed and now she has grown up into this beautiful 16 tahun old and is now on a tampil called shake it up zendaya is like my idol when i first saw pictures of he i was shocked then i started researching her online and found lots of information like she was born september first 1996 and i also heared she loves babe ruthes wich is my favorit permen also zendaya is a pretty girl and i wish to meet her one hari she even has her own website that im addicted to i have left komentar can even tryed reaching out to her my mom even is going to call her real number ok i know what your thinking im obsessed but i am not its just she is soo awsome its undescribable one hari i will once meet zendaya colemen and get her auto gragh but today is not that hari lol any ways that is how much i adore zendaya thanx for membaca this artical see ya